Photo: Se Regalan Dudas
Photo: Se Regalan Dudas

Five Latinx podcasts to power you through more quarantine


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Noviembre 28, 2022

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Noviembre 28, 2022

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Noviembre 21, 2022


Se Regalan Dudas

Se Regalan Dudas, a podcast done entirely in Spanish, was founded by Mexican photographer Ashley Frangie and TV host, Lety Sahagún. They created the podcast to bring awareness to topics that aren’t talked about often because they are considered taboo.

Se Regalan Dudas has three sections. In the first section, they feature experts and people with specialties to discuss various topics. In the second, they invite friends on the show to talk about everyday issues like sexuality, relationships of all kinds and self-love. In the third part, they highlight testimonies of people who have lived through extraordinary things and want to tell their stories.

Some of their most impactful episodes are “¿Cómo mejorar la relación con mi mamá?” (How do I improve the relationship with my mom?), “¿Cómo aprender a perdonar?” (How do I learn to forgive?), and “¿Y cómo se vive la violencia doméstica?” (And how do you live through domestic violence?)

All Things Latina Podcast

All Things Latina is hosted by Tania Estefany Torres. Torres holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and co-founded the Instagram brand @LatinaApproved with comedian Lily B.

The podcast is centered around business, career advice, motivation and lifestyle, and is devoted to empowering Latinas to pursue their goals and dreams. It features episodes focused on building a personal brand, how to avoid burnout, how to stay motivated, time management, financial tips, and the journey from goal-setting to goal-getting.

Latina to Latina Podcast

With new episodes every Monday, this podcast brings over 600,000 listeners a weekly dose of Latina greatness. Latina to Latina podcast was created by journalist Alicia Menendez and production company founder, Juleyka Lantigua-Williams.

Recently, their episodes have featured several examples of Latina greatness. They spoke with documentarian, Christina Costantini, who directed the Netflix documentary Mucho, Mucho Amor about the late Walter Mercado. 

They also talked to Orange Is The New Black actress, Selenis Leyva, and her sister, trans activist, Marizol Leyva, about their newest memoir My Sister: How One Sibling's Transition Changed Us Both.

Tamarindo Podcast

Tamarindo podcast focuses on politics, pop culture, and how to balance it all “con calma.” Nonprofit capacity builder, Brenda Gonzales and business coach Ana Sheila Victorino delve into topics of gender, race, identity, representation, Latinx culture, mindfulness, and health and fitness.

Tamarindo has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Mitú, Remezcla, Latina Magazine and Hip Latina

Some of the most important episodes have been about how well-being and anti-racism intersect, discussing rape culture, and queer history.

Café Con Chisme

Café Con Chisme is a podcast hosted by siblings Yazmin and Sebastian Ferrada that discusses all things Latinx pop culture. According to their website, they see “chisme” (gossip) as a tool to practice social justice, inspired by the mujeres and femmes who raised them.

They take on politics, race, gender and culture to imagine new possibilities and new worlds.

Sebastian is non-binary and they often talk about what that means in the Latinx community and how to translate non-gendered language in Spanish.

In an Instagram post, Sebastian gave examples from the account @somosfamiliasf. “Hola a todes,” “elle esta en casa,” “quiero mucho a todes mis amigues,” y “el futuro es no binary.”

In their first full-length Spanish episode, they discuss the role the Latinx community plays in anti-black racism. 


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