Rosalía's marketing campaign of "Motomami" is a success
Rosalía's marketing campaign of 'Motomami' has been a success. Photo: Getty Images

Rosalía disguised herself as a reporter to ask Madrid’s residents about 'Motomami'

The segment was included during her long-awaited appearance on the Spanish television program 'El Hormiguero'


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The promotional campaign launched by Rosalía and her team will be remembered in music marketing history. Currently, few artists – or none — get as much media attention as the Spanish singer, who in recent months has managed to set the world's focus around her new album Motomami.

What no one expected was for her to put on a wig, grab a microphone and take to the streets of Madrid to ask pedestrians their opinion regarding her music. The segment was included during her long-awaited appearance on the television program El Hormiguero. Posing as journalist, the 28-year-old singer did not hesitate about asking passersby for their honest opinion.

Her contact lenses and wig managed to hide, in most cases, her true identity. Only in a few cases her most devoted fans managed to out her. An interviewee admits that she does not like her music too much, but prefers that of her boyfriend, reggaeton singer Raw Alejandro.

“He's handsome, isn't he?” she asks her.

Another Madrid resident said that she is more interested in classic rock bands, such as Pink Floyd or Supertramp.

“Supertramp is much better than Rosalía, definitely,” replied the 'reporter.' "I recognize her merit, but it is not my style," the woman said.

Moments later, another woman from Madrid who was passing nearby tells that her favorite Rosalía song is the one that “talks about diamonds.” Without thinking twice, the disguised artist begins to sing in the middle of the street. Without any suspicion that it was Rosalía herself, she reproaches that "when she sings a cappella, she don't know how to sing, but when they put the autotune, she seems to sing great."

Upon meeting a group of young people, Rosalía talks to them about the erotic lyrics of "Hentai." 

"What does want to ride you like my bike mean?” she asks them. “I want to ride you like my bicycle!” they replied.

Afterwards, she played the music video of the same song to an older man, who without thinking twice began to dance in front of her.

“Olé, what art!” said the singer.

The funniest moment was when Rosalía showed the cover of Motomami to a woman, on which she appears naked with a motorcycle helmet and long nails.

“And these nails that this girl is showing… as a witch! I don't know where the aesthetics are,” she protests. With irony, the singer laughs and replies: “I don't understand this style either.”

The star moment was when she asked a group of young people about the singer C. Tangana, who was her partner in the past.

“I think I like C. Tangana more than Rosalía, although he wanted to copy a bit of that flamenquillo, because it is true that she started before,” they said.


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