Journalism on The Best of the American Multicultural Experience

AL DÍA is a media company that highlights the contributions Americans of Latino descent are making of strengthen the American society, with a focus on culture, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Journalism on The Best of the American Latino Experience


AL DÍA was founded by entrepreneurial journalists in 1994 as a home-based, once a month, one-man operation. Over 25 years, and still owned and operated by journalists, it has evolved into a multimedia and multilingual and multicultural news media organization. 

AL DÍA offers readers a unique perspective in the midst of the cluttered media landscape and stereotypical representation of Americans of Latino descent. It publishes a unique news website available in English and Spanish, a trend-setting dual language magazine, and ground-breaking English-language events on Business, Politics and Culture, among other ambitious content initiatives.


AL DÍA is a multi-platform News Media organization focused on documenting through excellence in American Journalism the best of the Latino experience in the United States.

The new generations of U.S. Latinos finally find themselves well represented; corporations, institutions and governments learn about the new leadership emerging in the country; and non-Latinos are engaged by original content that doesn’t simply expand their cultural landscape but provides thoughtful and incisive attention to the greatest transformation happening in this century throughout the nation.

AL DÍA’s content and event initiatives blurs cultural lines to form one community.

AL DÍA welcomes you to this community.

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