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Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham joins Pennsylvania roundtable on Biden Agenda for the Latino Community


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Mayo 26, 2023

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Mayo 24, 2023


New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisam virtually landed in Pennsylvania on Aug. 7, joining a roundtable discussion about former Vice President Joe Biden’s Agenda for the Latino Community.

Biden released his Latino agenda on Aug. 4, a reaffirmation of his pursuit of the Latinx vote in time for the November Election. 

Biden and President Donald Trump are both in their pursuit of the Latinx vote in a way never before seen. 

The Agenda for the Latino Vote stresses the importance of going past the status quo. The system was already broken before the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the disparities within Latinx, Black, and indigenous communities. 

Thais Carrero, A Puerto-Rican Latina and leader from CASA in Action moderated the roundtable, and introduced Gov. Michelle Grisham after telling her story of struggles.

The first-ever Democratic Latina to be elected governor in U.S. history, Gov. Grisham began by saying she believes, “the fabric of America is young men and women who aspire to be the American Dream.”

“You belong everywhere,” Grisham said, saying that is Biden’s message in a nutshell.

She acknowledged that although the Trump administration keeps disenfranchised communities from the dignity and respect they deserve, “this has been happening before COVID,” she said. 

New Mexico, Grisham said, holds one of the most diverse populations in the nation. With large Latinx and Indigenous populations, COVID-19 is ravaging them.

Latinas, Grisham said, are one of the most important contributors to our society, and Biden’s plan is focused on Latino economic mobility. 

“It’s difficult for small businesses owned by women and people of color to break through from the hardships,” she added.

“I’m incredibly proud to be a partner of the vice president’s so we don’t just talk about inequality.” Grisam said it’s important to remove inequality from conversations because at the end of the day, it’s about inequity. 

Janet Diaz, running to be the first Latina to represent Lancaster, PA in Pennsylvania’s state senate., echoed Graham's sentiments, driving home the importance of the Latino vote.

Latinx voters have emerged as the second-largest voting demographic in the nation, and top politicians are not taking that lightly. 

“We need to get out the vote, we need to register to vote. Do your civic right in voicing how you feel, because I know we are in a big battle,” said Diaz.

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