Photo: AL DÍA News
Photo: AL DÍA News

PECO's own Jose Aguirre gives some inside tips on how to save on your next energy bill



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In a conversation with Jose Aguirre, government and external affairs manager at PECO, AL DÍA discussed some of the ways that PECO customers can save money.  

The first of those strategies for saving your cash that Aguirre mentioned was CAP, the company's Customer Assistance Program. If you qualify as low-income, you can apply to the program that is directly run through PECO. 

The LIHEAP program is a federal grant program, not specific to PECO, that offers a second option for low-income customers to be able to save money. That program is open through April 12, 2019. 

"Keep in mind that every year, there's always money left in the grant, and not everyone collects it, so we highly encourage our low-income customers to take advantage of the program," said Aguirre. 

PECO also can send representatives to come and assess customers' houses and apartments, Aguirre noted, and in doing so give customers individualized reports on how they can better save money. 

In addition, the company will also come to customers' homes to remove an old refrigerator that is functioning, and instead of charging for the service will, in fact, pay the customer $75 for the refrigerator removal. 

PECO, Aguirre explained, also works to help small businesses to better save on their energy costs. 

For Spanish-speaking customers, PECO has bilingual representatives that can assist them in navigating these and other processes. Aguirre said that for those who want to speak to a PECO representative in Spanish, they can call 1(800)-494-4000, and select option 8 once they call that number.

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