The Latino Corporate Director Educational Fund is looking to name a new director and coordinator. Photo: Latino Corporate Directors Association. 
The Latino Corporate Director Education Foundation is looking to name a new director and coordinator. Photo: Latino Corporate Directors Association. 

The LCDEF BoardReady Institute is looking to fill two leadership positions

As director and coordinator, the two candidates will be tasked with leading the BRI’s many initiatives and programs designed to prepare and position aspiring…


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The Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA) is continuing its mission of developing, supporting and increasing the number of U.S. Latinos on corporate boards, as it looks to fill two job positions.

The affiliated foundation of the LCDA is looking to hire a new director and coordinator of the BoardReady Institute.

Founded in 2017, the Latino Corporate Directors Education Foundation’s BoardReady Institute is a comprehensive program with the goal of preparing and positioning senior and highly credentialed Latino executives, national leaders and aspiring directors for success in the corporate boardroom.

“The BoardReady Institute really serves as that vehicle to prepare and grow that pool; the supply of board-ready executives to fill corporate board seats, be they public or private companies,” said Carmen Joge, vice president of programs & operations at LCDA.

Some of the key roles of the jobs include: 

  • Managing and coordinating the day-to-day operations of LCDEF’s BoardReady Institute (BRI) programs including, BRI core, BRINext and BRI Pathways. 
  • Overseeing and supporting the team’s annual goals, timelines, activities, and metrics around LCDEF’s board-ready programming. 
  • Directing and coordinating the virtual and in-person programming sessions, networking events, and mentoring circles associated with the BRI. 
  • Directing and coordinating leadership and board-ready education programs as part of BRI Pathways for partner organizations and their ESG groups, members, or constituencies. 
  • Managing and coordinating the tracking completion of BRI core program sessions by LCDA Executive Members for BRI Certification purposes.

The BRI curriculum is conducted through a three-part approach.

The first is learning and preparation. 

“We help our candidates prepare their board bio, their board pitch, as well as how to target and develop their network,” said Joge.

The second approach is board-level networking and mentoring.

“To ensure success, that particular element is essential given that the majority of board seats are filled through individual networks,” said Joge. “So having those relationships with key influencers on corporate boards is crucial.”

The final one is exposure and marketing.

“A lot of these executives have been, for years, developing their careers and succeeding at them, but they haven’t necessarily been out there in the limelight, so to speak,” said Joge. 

“So LCDA helps elevate their profile in a way that presents in front of those key influencers, so they know who they are, what they bring to the table and what they can provide for a company looking for those diverse candidates,” she added. 

The ideal candidates will be self-motivated and detail-oriented with time management and problem-solving skills; entrepreneurial and enjoys creating and supporting new initiatives, processes, or ideas; solid communication and writing skills; proficiency in MS Office; experience in the association or non-profit sector and more.

“We are looking for individuals who are builders, innovators,” said Joge. “Someone who is just energized with supporting other U.S. Latino leaders in their endeavors to seek leadership at the pinnacle of corporate governance.” 

The need for increased representation

Each approach lends itself to the LCDA’s mission of increasing U.S. Latino representation in Corporate America. 

“We have a long way to go before we can reach any semblance of equity and fairness in terms of representation,” said Joge.

According to the 2020 LDC U.S. Latino GDP Report, the size of the U.S. Latino market measured by GDP was $2.6 trillion in 2018, which was a 9% increase from the previous year.  

The U.S. Latino GDP was also among the fastest-growing among the world’s 10 largest GDPs. According to Forbes, if the U.S. Latino market was its own country, it would be the eighth largest economy in the world. 

Despite those glaring numbers, and the fact that Latinos make up more than 18% of the U.S. population, in Corporate America, Hispanics fill just under 5% of executive positions

“It’s essential to really have very targeted, intentional outreach to candidates that represent the U.S. Latino business market,” said Joge, noting that the Latino influence will only increase in the coming years.

Since launching the BoardReady Institute, Joge said, the placement rate of Latinos who have gone through the program and become elevated to boards has increased from 11% to 20% in four years.

“A lot of it has to do with our advocacy, our increased work in the demands to ensure that companies understand that value, and that we are readily available to provide talent when an open seat is available,” she said. 

However, while LCDA is helping move the needle, the work is being done through critical partnerships with companies and search firms. 

As businesses continue to obtain increased awareness about the importance and value of diversity in the workforce and corporate America, the hope is that the representation continues to increase to better reflect the nation’s demographics. 

Further details on the job postings

Candidates who are interested in the BRI coordinator position can find more information on the job description here, while candidates interested in the BRI director position can find more information on the job description here

Cover letters and resumes can be sent to Carmen Joge at [email protected]

Applications will only be considered or accepted until September, with the candidates likely to begin in October. 


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