Esther Aguilera, President and CEO of LCDA.
Esther Aguilera, President and CEO of LCDA. Photo: @LatinoDirectors.

LCDA, committed to paying it forward

The President of the Latino Corporate Directors Association reflects on the state of Latinos in U.S. boardrooms.


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The president and CEO of the Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA), Esther Aguilera, joined the publication Latino Leaders to socialize some updates on the state of the LCDA, its members, and Latinos in the boardrooms of the United States.

Emphasizing that LCDA's commitment to its members and to Corporate America is to return the favor by paying it forward, the organization continues to promote highly successful leaders who have demonstrated a personal or professional commitment to advancing the Latino community to excel at the highest levels of business leadership.

“Paying it forward is a key tenet of LCDA membership; being the first Latino with a seat at the table is a considerable responsibility — with the potential to pay it forward by opening doors for other board aspiring Latinos. LCDA members understand that as thought leaders and accomplished executives, they can propel the advancement of US Latino board placements,” said Aguilera.

LCDA at the Forefront

Currently, more than 30% of the board positions of Fortune 1000 companies held by Latino talent are members of the LCDA, the result of an important effort to promote qualified Hispanic human resources in boards where their skills are in demand.

Likewise, thanks to this cutting-edge leadership, as well as the growth and continuous promotion of Latino talent, which allows companies to access this personnel, the LCDA currently has more than 430 members.

Aguilera highlights how, recently, two aspiring LCDA board members were simultaneously appointed to the board of a public company, a process also led by an Association member.

“Through LCDA’s network of members and search firm partners, doors have been opened to successful board appointments at companies such as — PayPal, Ulta Beauty, PG&E, American Outdoor Brands, Delta Apparel, Zion Bancorporation, and Meritage Homes, to name a few. Out of many, these are some notable instances for LCDA, where our network has lived up to the commitment of expanding opportunities and uplifting the next wave of Latino directors,” noted Aguilera.

Paying Forward

Committed to providing “high caliber” programming to its members, the LCDA will host the LCDA’s 7th Annual Convening this fall, where aspiring board members have the opportunity to network and learn from Director Members, alongside LCDA’s Partners, Sponsors, and Search Firm Partners.

During this event, Association members are also invited to participate in LCDA's Fall BoardReady Institute (BRI) program, hosted by Morgan Stanley, focused on accelerating the development and placement of highly credentialed Latinos who are aspiring directors, new and with board experience from a variety of sectors and professions at the highest levels of corporate governance.

“LCDA believes a diverse board isn’t just about fulfilling social quotas, but about creating a diverse think engine for companies. Having Latinos on corporate boards means representing the vast majority of market growth as Latino consumers contribute $2.7 trillion to the US GDP and make up nearly 20 percent of the US population. LCDA stays committed to partnering with key organizations, like Latino Leaders, to bring awareness to the ample supply of Latino corporate board talent and the value of boardroom diversity. Together, we can ensure we are all paying it forward!” added Aguilera.


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