Rosalía says Dabiz Muñoz is her "favorite chef in the world"
Rosalía says Dabiz Muñoz is her "favorite chef in the world." Photo: Getty Images

Rosalía the 'cook' will present her own menu with chef Dabiz Muñoz

They will soon launch 'Motoumami,' a special menu inspired by the singer's music.


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Rosalía's Motomami phenomenon continues to break the rules. The Spanish singer, who shook the world of music with the release of her latest album, continues to explore new horizons.

With this in mind, she joined forces with popular chef Dabiz Muñoz, awarded as the Best Chef in the World at 2021 Best Chef Awards and a holder of three Michelin stars. Together they will soon launch 'Motoumami,' which will be a special menu inspired by the singer's music.

In a video posted on the Spanish chef's Instagram, he appears alone cooking on the stove at his prestigious DiverXo restaurant in Madrid. The frying pan he's using is surrounded by an intense flame, and on a shelf he sees a black helmet with the red letter 'M,' just like the one Rosalía wears on the cover of her new album. In the post he asks himself: “Why does it smell like gasoline in my restaurant?”

The post, which ends with a "coming soon" and offers no further details. It caused a sensation among the chef's followers on Instagram. The title, 'Motoumami,' is a play on words between the name of Rosalía's album and the umami flavor, considered the fifth human palate. For now, it does not have a release date, both said "it will arrive soon."

Those who want to try the delicacies Muñoz is planning will have to pay a high cost for the menu: a reservation at his restaurant requires a prior payment of 125 euros per person, which is later deducted from the final meal bill. Given the enormous interest the collaboration with the singer will generate, it’s expected that the cost will be very high.

Previously, both had publicly shown their affinity for one another. In November, Rosalía posted a tweet praising DiverXo's food, saying that Muñoz is "my favorite chef in the world." Everyone assumed both maintain a good friendship, but nothing prefaced the unique collaboration.

The singer recently caught attention for her original look at the 2022 Met Gala, and with the surprising culinary news, she is once again making headlines in media around the world. She is also not the only artist announcing collaborations with internationally-renowned chefs.

Recently, Aitana and J Balvin launched their own personalized menus with hamburgers. However, Rosalía chose a partnership with one of the most exclusive and striking chefs in the world.

One of the assumptions that emerged on social media is that the menu has two versions: Moto (u) Mami. Beyond the reactions of fans, celebrities and chefs, nobody knows what Muñoz is up to in his glamorous kitchen. If the food is at the level of Rosalía's album, it will be a hit.


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