Rosalia will release soon her new album "Motomami"
Rosalia will release her new album 'Motomami' soon. Photo: Getty Images.

Rosalía appears nude on the cover of 'Motomami'

Rosalía released the cover of her awaited new album 'Motomami,' and a music video for the song "Saoko"


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Completely naked, covering her intimate parts with her own hands, a black helmet on her head, and her long black hair blowing in the wind. In the photograph, red graffiti-style letters spelling out Motomami run across her mid drift. This is the cover of Rosalía's new album.

“My goodness, here you have the cover of MOTOMAMI, and this Friday guess what new song is coming?” announced the Spanish singer on her Instagram. She also published "Saoko," another music video for a song from her new album.


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Rosalía, with a very calculated marketing strategy, is gradually releasing new tidbits of her long-awaited new record. Every time, they spark a heated debate on social media.

First it happened after the release of the music video for "La Fama," featuring The Weeknd, where she created a groundbreaking ballad with a bachata touch.

“Fame is a bad lover, and she is not going to really love me,” she sings in Spanish in the song.

Her critics blame her for moving away from her original flamenco roots, but there are those who praise her talent for innovating and playing with new formats. On Spotify, the single already has more than 100 million plays.

Like it or not, more than a million users reacted to Motomami's cover. More than three years have passed since the release of her last album El mal querer (in 2018), and her fans are eager to hear her full new production, which will include collaborations with renowned names like Tego Calderón, Frank Ocean, Tokischa and The Weeknd. The album will feature 19 songs, where the artist opted for more introspection in the creative process to try to offer her best self.

To promote her new album, which started last October, Rosalía opened a new Instagram profile @holamotomami. Here, in addition to posting constant references to her new work, she also revealed intimate photos, including some with her partner, Rauw Alejandro.

“New era, motomami era,” promised the singer in one of her latest posts.

Motomami still does not have a publication date, but there are speculations that it will be released this coming Spring. For now, her fans were able to enjoy a short excerpt from "Hentai," making waves with her lyrics: “I want to ride you, like my bike... Second is to fuck you, the first is God.” 

It caused a social media storm, and she answered. 

"The people who are bothered with the 'Hentai' lyrics, are you okay?” she wrote. 

In addition, she also released previews of other songs, such as "Candy" and "Bulerías," the latter in her original flamenco style.

In her only interview to this day where she spoke about the new album, published in Rolling Stone, Rosalía commented: “Motomami is the most personal story I've told so far, actually. And in the end, to me, Motomami in my head makes sense as a concept, as a self-made female figure.”


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