"Triste Recuerdo" is one of Antonio Aguilar's most remembered songs. Photo: Instagram.
"Triste Recuerdo" is one of Antonio Aguilar's most iconic songs. Photo: Instagram.

Majo Aguilar re-releases her grandfather's classic, "Triste Recuerdo"

The song is a tribute to Antonio Aguilar, her grandfather.


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"Triste Recuerdo" is one of the songs that most reminds Majo Aguilar of her relationship with her grandparents — singers Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre — and is considered an anthem that makes her proud of her legacy. 

"'Triste Recuerdo' is a song that always takes me back to my grandparents when I sing it. I think of this song as their anthem, with which they took our music to many cities and countries. When I sing it I feel very close to them and tremendously proud of their achievements, of their love for our roots," Majo wrote on social media before the song's launch.

The official video of the song was recorded at her family's ranch in the city of Zacatecas, a place that for her is one of her favorites, as it was for her grandfather.

"I prepared a tribute to them with a video recorded at El Soyate (my grandparents' ranch) and my version of the song, this time, with mariachi," said Aguilar.

The video already has more than 200,000 on Youtube and has generated hundreds of comments from her fans, proud of the legacy of the Mexican artist. 

Messages such as "we already needed a true interpreter of Mexican music," "there is no doubt that Majo Aguilar is the best Mexican singer," "her music is worthy of representing ranchera music," fill the video's comment section. 

"Triste Recuerdo" is a song full of emotion and nostalgia that will be on the deluxe version of her album Se Canta Con El Corazón, set to release on Feb. 17.


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