Photo: NEON16
Photo: NEON16

Introducing Jodosky: A reggaetón artist championing body positivity for plus-sized people

AL DÍA recently got the chance to talk to the Puerto Rican artist and producer promoting positive perspectives for plus-sized people in his most recent single.


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The artist Jodosky has been making a name for himself as a champion of body positivity for all people.

AL DÍA recently had the opportunity to speak with Jodosky about his work and music going forward.

“I feel super equal with the whole world. I feel I am a person and a human with no challenges, not musically, personally. I never see them,” Jodosky told AL DÍA in Spanish.

Through Jodosky’s speech, it’s clear he is a confident individual. He is a recent NEON16 signee, comparing the experience to winning the lottery.

In addition to rapping, he is a producer whose song “Campeón" was used for NFL Shops’s “Make The Game Yours” campaign:

Past his recent accomplishments, Jodosky is also pushing a narrative of body positivity through his most recent solo single.

With his single and music video “Quien Dijo Que Los Gordos No Perrean,” Jodosky puts on his grandest promotion towards body positivity.

“Quien Dijo Que Los Gordos No Perrean” follows a genre tradition of rooting songs in reggaetón rhythm. The song is also one of the artist’s biggest hits.

The revealing music video places plus-sized people in a setting otherwise normalized for non-plus-sized people. Overall, Jodosky poses the single’s titular question through his video.

“Perhaps it affects the feminine perspective more than the masculine, because we have less complexity sometimes, but really it’s so everyone can be accepted and be happy.”

The rapper, singer and artist pushes for people of all body types to feel comfortable in their skin, and does so with unwavering humor and confidence.

Jodosky is influenced to write from this perspective to bridge a certain gap, and hopefully help people feel more accepted.

Past this, Jodosky has other influences rooted in heritage and listening habits.

For his “Quien Dijo Que Los Gordos No Perrean” music video, Jodosky was inspired lyrically and visually by Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”:

“He says ‘I like big butts.’... Really, the theme was inspired from this era of this type of song. The dramatics, the colors in the video,” said Jodosky

When it comes to other inspirations in music, Jodosky finds heavy influence in reggaetón, stating that “90 to 95% of reggaetón artists” inspire him.

“Every single one of them mark a story written in ink that each one has created in me, and in my conscience, something to want to be like them. In general, I don’t have a favorite artist,” said Jodosky

While reggaetón cannot be entirely attributed to the island, Puerto Rico has significant footing in reggaetón’s global popularity, having produced many significant reggaetón acts.

Jodosky hails from Puerto Rico. His heritage remains important to him and the music he makes. The artist shared with AL DÍA that Puerto Rico influences everything he does creatively.

“I would say 100%. Everything I’m going to do is 100% related to Puerto Rican culture,” said Jodosky.

The massive cultural impact of Puerto Rico’s reggaetón output over the past two decades is heard throughout the world of music. This scene has reached many artists and influenced them in different ways.

Going forward, Jodosky has no signs of slowing down. ''Quien Dijo Que Los Gordos No Perrean” and other Jodosky singles can be found on streaming platforms.


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