"For me it is very important to return to my roots". YENDRY. Photo courtesy of In El Patio.
"For me it is very important to return to my roots." YENDRY. Photo courtesy of In El Patio.

YEИDRY's journey to Santo Domingo in search of her roots

A new documentary follows YENDRY's return to Santo Domingo and the constellation of women behind the artist.


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"I worked close to home to not to leave my little girl alone. It was just the two of us," says Yendry Fiorentino's mother in a short documentary released along with her recent hit, "Se acabó," in collaboration with Dominican rapper, Mozart La Para.

Born in Santo Domingo but based in Turin, Italy, Yendry became known when she was a finalist on the Italian edition of X Factor in 2012. Subsequently, and thanks to the success of her band Materanera, she secured a life-changing contract with Sony.

The new documentary sheds light on the life and career of the Italian-Dominican singer.

With watery eyes, her proud mother goes on to explain how she feels represented in her daughter's music and Dominican heritage in the first scenes of the mini-documentary.

En el Patio goes far beyond the scenes of a music video recording and immerses the audience in the neighborhood where Yendry was born, the atmosphere of the area, and the difficulties of a family whose members were forced to migrate to Italy.

Between dances, shots of Santo Domingo, and children's laughter, Yendry also explains her artistic philosophy, which is marked in the end by a strong genealogy of women. She also tells how the relationship with the people of the area serves as energy for the kind of music she intends to make.

Her latest track is a song of disaffection also intended to function as a metaphor for her current personal journey.

"I wrote it when everything was still apparently fine, but my subconscious was already sending me signs that something was breaking inside me,"  Yendry says.

In the song, the artist shows the mix of genres she has mastered — from rap to bachata, marked by Latino electronic beats. She explains she's convinced there is a correlation between musical miscegenation and growing up in various cultures: "for me, it's very important to return to my roots."

At only 27 years old, the artist already has several singles under her belt, among them "Nena," a Latin-infused ballad with R&B elements that swept the world. 

In October of last year, she dropped a new single, "El Diablo," that also plays with elements of folk music and several languages. 

Yendry is not only multilingual and extremely eclectic, but also started very early in music, as a contestant on the Italian X Factor, in a jazz band, and in a trio of electronic music.

It is therefore not surprising that among Latin rhythms and bachata, there are also echoes of R&B in her tone and flashes of Italian music. She is considered a great promise for the ability she has shown so far to combine different Caribbean sounds in a personal blend.



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