Reggaeton artist Arcángel. File Photo.
Reggaeton artist Arcángel. File Photo.

Women artists respond on social media to Arcángel's macho Instagram post

Anitta, Kali Uchis and Cazzu responded to a misogynist comment posted by reggaeton artist Arcángel after International Women's Day.


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A day after International Women's Day, rapper Arcángel caused controversy and outrage among his fans by uploading a sexist comment to his social media.

"You want to be respected as a woman BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA. But you spend showing your ass on social media for likes. Women who behave, distinguish themselves and are categorized as ladies," the reggaetonero wrote on his Instagram story. 

Some female artists of the urban genre and many fans of the artist himself responded to the comment on social media. However, it wasn't until after Brazilian singer Anitta responded, that Arángel half-heartedly 'apologized.'

Anitta responded with a clear and strong message that left in evidence of the hypocrisy and double standards of the singer. 

To her response, joined Kali Uchis and Cazzu, giving their opinion about the violent comment from Arcángel. 

"It's disgusting to know how many reggaetoneros hate us for having the power to find our self love. You're jealous and intimidated by us and it shows. read Bitch! When will WEAK men die? We're in 2021 and they're still looking for ways to get in the women's business, hate gays or be transphobic... Grow up or Die," wrote Uchis in a post.

For her part, Cazzu also posted on her Instagram story that reggaeton is dominated by men, which makes it a difficult space for feminist women above all.

"They use use use networks to prostitute themselves, and he used them to offend, mock and then apologize very unseriously after offending 90% of the female fans that followed and respected him — all this on women's week. I don't think he cares what I have to say about him, but it hurt me because I've been a fan of his forever. I dreamed of having a song with him. But misogyny is born where a man decides which woman is respected and which is not," she said

Anitta, Cazzu and Kali are right, the singer's comments are shared by many men in the Latin music industry and it makes the scene a hostile space for women.

Arcángel's misogyny and sexism is also not new, in April 2019 he was arrested in Las Vegas for beating his partner. However, he was quickly released after paying a bail of less than $3,000 despite the fact that security cameras recorded the singer kicking his partner in the hip. 


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