Governor Tom Wolf speaks at inauguration on Tuesday. Photo: David Maas/AL DIA News.
Governor Tom Wolf speaks at inauguration on Tuesday. Photo: David Maas/AL DIA News.

PA swears in Gov. Wolf for second term


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On Tuesday, Pennsylvania swore in Tom Wolf to his second term as Governor at the State Capitol in Harrisburg.

In his address to the onlooking crowd, Wolf highlighted accomplishments from his first term as governor, while also looking ahead to what he hopes to accomplish in his second term. 

"Pennsylvania is unlike any other state," he said. He went on to highlight how Pennsylvanians living in the state's two big cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, must recognize the value brought by the agricultural production from the middle of the state, and he stressed that those living outside the big cities must likewise acknowledge the strengths brought by the state's "two world class cities."

Wolf highlighted accomplishments during his first term in education, healthcare and criminal justice, among other areas.

Wolf also looked back on what he called the toughest day of his first term - when he rushed to the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh in the wake of the mass shooting in October. 

Toward the end of his speech he called for Pennsylvanians to "choose hope over hopelessness and empathy over apathy." He also asked that his constituents trust themselves above all else.

Meanwhile, John Fetterman offered opening remarks in which he struck an optimistic tone as he looks ahead to his first term in his new role as Lieutenant Governor. Before being elected in November, Fetterman served for 14 years as the mayor of the western Pennsylvanian town of Braddock.

For both Wolf and Fetterman, the loudest cheers were reserved for their remarks surrounding healthcare - this issue will certainly be front and center as the country heads into the 2020 presidential elections.

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