The forum will be broadcast via Facebook Live.
The forum will be broadcast via Facebook Live.

AL DÍA Forum: 197th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives


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Junio 28, 2022

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Junio 22, 2022


In partnership with Committee of Seventy, AL DÍA News will host a forum for the Democratic candidates for the 197th District of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

The 197th District is comprised of neighborhoods in North Philadelphia, including sections of Fairhill, Kensington, Hunting Park, Glenwood and Feltonville. The primary election takes place on Tuesday, May 15.

All three Democratic candidates will be participating in the forum: Rep. Emilio Vazquez, Danilo Burgos and Frederick Ramirez. There are no Republican candidates running for the seat.

The event will be held on Wednesday, May 9, at 4 p.m. in the AL DÍA Newsroom, located at 1835 Market Street. 

Vazquez, a leader of the 43rd Ward, was elected during a special election in March 2017 using a write-in a campaign after former Rep. Leslie Acosta stepped down because of a scandal involving money laundering.

Prior the vote during that special election, Ramirez, President of Pan-American Mental Health Clinic, had the support of Democratic leaders in the area but was removed from the ballot over allegations that he did not live in the district.

Burgos is a former aide to Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez and Councilman Allan Domb. He ran to represent the 197th in 2014 and now has the support of Democratic ward leaders in the district.

This event will be broadcast via Facebook Live. Any media interested in attending are encouraged to contact AL DÍA News.

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