Maribel Trujillo and her family. Screenshot
Maribel Trujillo and her family. Screenshot

Mother of four deported to Mexico despite having no criminal record


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Maribel Trujillo, a mother of four American kids from Fairfield, Ohio, who has never committed any crime in the 15 years she has lived in the US, has been deported to Mexico in the latest sign that the Trump administration is indiscriminately targeting undocumented immigrants.

Trujillo, 42, was put on a plane to Mexico on Wednesday morning after being held in federal immigration detention in Louisiana for the past week.  Despite no "bad hombres" in sight, ICE agents decided to send her back to a country that she has not seen for almost two decades. Her deportation also means the division of her family. Trujillo has four US-citizen children, the youngest just three years old.

According to Trujillo’s attorney Kathleen Kersh, "Maribel's deportation shows that the Trump Administration is not focused on deporting criminals, but rather on separating peaceful mothers from their American children. It is horrific that American children will be the ones to pay the price for these heartless policies," she said. Maribel's motion to reopen her asylum case remains pending at the Board of Immigration Appeals, and ABLE is committed to continue representation of Maribel and her family until the case is resolved.

According to WCPO, Maribel’s attorney is also “working with the Mexican Consulate to provide support for Trujillo, because ‘she basically has nothing’ with her or waiting for her in Mexico.”

In an interview with the Guardian before she was picked up for detention, Trujillo said: “I don’t understand the reason to separate my family. I have no criminal record.”

For the first two months of the Trump presidency  US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has increased arrests by more than 30% over the equivalent period for the last year of Barack Obama’s term, as reported recently in The Washington Post. The number of undocumented people, like Trujillo, with no history at all of crime has also doubled to 5,441 in those weeks.


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