As a parent, wouldn't it be nice to receive a text message, alerting you that your child makes it home safe from school? 

This back-to-school season, turn your ordinary home into a smart home

As summer vacation comes to an end, there are various ways to equip your house with safety features that won’t break the bank.


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When it’s time for kids to go back to school, it can be stressful for parents and children alike. While the kids are preoccupied about getting into the swing of things in the classroom, there are many concerns for parents as well.

It’s safe to say that no parent feels good about leaving their child home alone, which can sometimes be unavoidable as time schedules adjust during the back-to-school season. While Comcast provides internet, television, voice and mobile services, it also offers Xfinity Home, a home security and automation solution. With this innovative resource, a homeowner can remain connected to their home and its occupants whether in the home or away.

Most adults can recall a time during their youth when they went against the wishes of their parents. While youthful shenanigans can often be harmless and playful, there are a variety of influences in today’s world that can cause negative consequences in a child’s life.

As a parent, wouldn’t it be nice to receive a text message, alerting you that your child makes it home safe from school? Or have the ability to set specific rules so, for example, you could be notified if a door remains open for five minutes (because your kid forgot to close it)? What if you could view your home camera from work to ensure that your child is the only one in the house, without the hassle of asking a friend or neighbor to drop by? Thanks to improved home security technology and personalized alerts and tools provided by Xfinity Home, parents can do all of this and more. With the system, all Xfinity Home and compatible home security equipment can be managed remotely, ensuring the parents of the household know what’s going on at all times.

One simple app controls all devices, making for easy, uncomplicated operation, and the service can be managed also through an online web portal, an in-home touchscreen controller, or — for Xfinity X1 customers — via the television using the X1 voice remote. During the all-too-familiar morning rush, simply say “Good Morning” into the remote to set into motion a series of customizable events like turning on the lights in a child’s bedroom to wake them up, disarming the security system, and even brewing up that essential morning cup of coffee. The system can also be programmed for instances where everyone is leaving or returning to the house, or locking down before bedtime.

Commands such as “Xfinity Home, show me front door camera” will display the camera view right on the television, while “Xfinity Home, I’m cold” will automatically adjust the thermostat a few degrees or to a specified temperature.

A major reason for home automation is to alleviate worry when circumstances are out of your hands. For added reassurance, Xfinity Home features both battery and cellular backup during instances of power loss or network interruption, ensuring that the home is always protected.

The system also allows for 24/7 home monitoring with the ability to review and rewind camera footage up to 10 days after recording, keeping it safely in a cloud storage program, and making it easy to check whether your child has really been locking the door or letting the dog outside after school. The system uses motion detection to easily pinpoint instances of activity, which are easily downloadable and shareable with the cloud storage service.

Xfinity Home is also compatible with many of the top smart home devices, allowing for pairing and easy control of Nest Thermostats, lighting systems from Philips and Lutron, August and Yale door locks, Chamberlin garage door openers, among many others. Controlling lights and thermostats remotely lets customers use these functions only when necessary, providing energy savings while also allowing users to walk into a house that is comfortably adjusted to their exact needs.

Xfinity Home provides an important sense of safety for homeowners, which is not interrupted by power or network outages and covers most of those worrying scenarios that can occur in or around the home. With a wide variety of different features and customization, the Xfinity Home suite of technology is excellent for the back-to-school season, as well as any other time of year.


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