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Comcast announces $4.5 million grant to build digital skills and get tech training

It seeks to offer economic opportunities through the development of skills in technology.


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Comcast Corporation recently announced a new three-year, $4.5 million grant to Per Scholas, a leading national NGO that advances economic equality through technology training and professional development.

Dalila Wilson-Scott​, EVP and Chief Diversity Officer for Comcast Corporation and president of the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation, stated in a press release:

The key to closing the digital divide goes beyond just mere access to the Internet.

Technological Training

Through this investment, 10,000 adults of diverse backgrounds in 15 markets, from low-income communities, will be empowered through careers in technology to achieve a collective $450 million in new salaries alone.

“Comcast continually helps Per Scholas unlock potential, building a future of unlimited possibilities,” noted Plinio Ayala, president and CEO of Per Scholas.

The funding will be specifically earmarked for Per Scholas' expansion into three new markets in need of digital economy technology specialists, which will have an even greater impact on the community.

“With nearly one-third of U.S. workers lacking the basic digital skills needed to function and compete in our increasingly digital job market, we need urgent focus on digital literacy and technical skilling — particularly in communities of color,” added Wlson-Scott.

Alliance Milestones

Since 2021, Per Scholas and Comcast have achieved important goals:

  • They have generated more than 2,500 students trained in a dozen markets
  • They have empowered more than 1,700 graduates to launch their careers in technology
  • Reached a collective $76 million in new revenue

“By continuing our partnership with Per Scholas, we are helping to produce measurable outcomes that will create a more prepared and inclusive workforce and better ensure that no community is left behind,” underscored Wilson-Scott. 

Through this new three-year scholarship and expansion into other markets, Per Scholas students will graduate from the '10,000 Accessible Careers in Tech' program where they will acquire the technical and professional skills that will serve them to achieve success in technology careers.

Per Scholas' current training schemes include AWS re/Start, cyber security, IT support, Java development, and software engineering.

The Per Scholas scholarship announcement is part of a $25 million comprehensive funding initiative that specifically targets creating economic opportunity through digital skills development by 2023, which is part of Project UP, the commitment of $1 billion from Comcast to help advance digital equality.

The 15 markets where the Per Scholas and Comcast alliance operate are Atlanta, Baltimore, Greater Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Orlando, the National Capital Region (Canada), Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle, New York, and two new cities to be announced soon.

“Our partnership is powerful — Comcast is investing in communities, ensuring digital skills are ubiquitous across America, and hiring Per Scholas-trained technologists. Because of Comcast’s support, we just celebrated our inaugural graduation in Indianapolis, and I’m looking forward to making impact together in cities and communities that could benefit most from Per Scholas’s nationally-recognized, proven tech skills training,” added Ayala.


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