Cid Wilson, President and CEO of HACR, giving speech.
Cid Wilson is the President and CEO of HACR. Photo: @HACRORG.

“The Power of Hispanic Inclusion,” HACR's 30th Annual Symposium

The event will take place in September with the presence of some of the most influential Hispanic leaders in the United States.


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The Hispanic Association On Corporate Responsibility (HACR), the nation's leading nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America commensurate with its economic contributions, already has everything prepared for a new edition of its Annual Symposium, which brings together several of the most recognized Hispanic leaders in the United States along with respected members of Fortune 500 companies that work to advance Hispanic inclusion, especially in the areas of Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy and Governance.

“By 2060, the Hispanic population is projected to increase to 119 million — 28.6 percent of the nation’s population. Yet, approximately 4% of corporate board positions are held by Hispanics, and less than 4% serve as CEOs,” HACR points out.

What is the HACR Annual Symposium?

“The Power of Hispanic Inclusion” is a symposium focused on teaching corporate employees best business practices based on diversity, equity and inclusion data from industry opinion leaders, as well as the Corporate Inclusion Index (CII ) owned by HACR.


In a program open to the public, attendees will have the opportunity to make valuable connections and learn about HACR's 4 pillars of corporate responsibility:

  1. Employment: Provide good jobs that ensure individual and family well-being.
  2. Procurement: Offer vendor opportunities to underrepresented suppliers.
  3. Philanthropy: Supporting the long-term stability of the Hispanic community through charitable work.
  4. Governance: Productively seek diverse executive leadership.

Outstanding Guests

Each of the sessions will be led by leading representatives of Fortune 500 companies and HACR corporate leaders, who are diversity and inclusion professionals and high-ranking Hispanic executives.

HACR notes:

Speakers will discuss best practices related to Hispanic inclusion across industry sectors and share insights on leadership and networking.

List of featured speakers who participated in the previous edition:

  • Rosie Ríos, former Treasurer of the United States
  • Michael López, Hello Good Club
  • Jo Ann Jenkins, AARP
  • Arnold Donald, Carnival Corporation and plc.
  • Umran Beba, August Leadership
  • Linda Akutagawa, Education Leadership for Asian Pacifics

Save These Days

This year’s 30th annual event will take place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Los Angeles, California, between September 26 and 28, 2022.

To register, click here.

About HACR

The Hispanic Association On Corporate Responsibility was founded in 1986 and is the nation's leading corporate advocacy organization, representing 14 national Hispanic organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico. Its mission is to promote the inclusion of Hispanics in corporate America through its leadership advancement programs, conferences, research initiatives, and public awareness.


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