Ariadna Gonzalez is a Venezuelan actress who has worked in productions such as "Casa de Muñecas 2" and "El Regreso de Nora". Photo: Courtesy.
Ariadna Gonzalez is a Venezuelan actress who has worked on productions such as 'Casa de Muñecas 2' and 'El Regreso de Nora.' Courtesy Photo.

"Streaming platforms are showing the world Hispanic talent," says Ariadna González

The Venezuelan actress spoke about the new digital culture in media and the lack of Latino representation.


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Venezuelan actress Ariadna Gonzalez was recently in Miami to recognize the work of streaming platforms to bring Hispanic artists on screen closer to the communities of America and the world.

"It's what happens with novelas, which no longer just stay on television, but migrate to Netflix or other platforms," explained the actress during a recent press event. 

The Venezuelan gave the example of productions like Encanto, the Disney movie, which represents the Colombian community.

"That's how we show the world the beauty of our countries," she said.

According to a press release, the actress said that the work of Hispanic artists "cannot be seen pejoratively." 

"On the contrary, it must be listened to and taken into account more and more," she said.

Gonzalez said that, for many years, Latinos have been "erroneously presented only with roles that do not define us." That's why she thinks streaming platforms have gained momentum in recent years.

"It is more common for the media to show Latinos as poor men or narcos, and hypersexualized women with low knowledge, than to show us as entrepreneurs, doctors, or upper-class people," González said. 

Other examples of Latina performers she held up as examples were Ana de Armas who plays Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix movie Blonde and Jenna Ortega, who plays the role of Wednesday Addams in the series Wednesday

"Film, theater and television are a product of our realities, and the American reality, according to the 2021 census, is that we are 62.1 million of Hispanic origin. So I think we owe ourselves greater representation," she said.

Ariadna came to the United States alone to fulfill her dreams as an actress. She was in Miami for the second season of Casa de Muñecas 2: El Regreso de Nora, and will soon premiere El Puente.


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