The series about Vicente Fernández premiered this Monday on Televisa. Photo: Televisa
The series about Vicente Fernández premiered on Monday on Televisa. Photo: Televisa

Vicente Fernández series premieres amid controversy

Televisa premiered the series 'The Last King: The Son of the People,' about Vicente Fernández, despite the legal actions from his family to prevent its airing.


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“Neither me nor my children want a penny from Televisa, that is clear. It is a matter of dignity. Do not come to me with your story that it is a tribute with all due respect for Vicente. It's for money, stealing his image. It makes me sad that gentlemen who called themselves friends and shared bread at our table, have started a plan since October to steal Vicente's rights, when he could not defend himself because he was seriously ill in a hospital bed. I would like to see what they had tried to do when he was alive!” reads a statement signed by María Refugio Abarca de Ruiseñor, better known as Cuquita, the widow of Mexican singer Vicente Fernández.

The document was disclosed in the official accounts of the Mexican singer on social media. 

The widow of the world-renowned artist expressed her disappointment at the imminent premiere of the series The Last King: The Son of the People, produced by Televisa.

Last week, Vicente Fernández's family filed a lawsuit against Televisa to prevent the broadcast of the series. However, the media enterprise claimed not to have received any official notification, and decided to broadcast the first episode of the series. 

The series, which is based on the book by Argentine writer Olga Wornat, stars Pablo Montero, and also includes Angélica Aragón, César Évora and Iliana Fox. This is the first season, and production is already in the works for a second.

Given the controversy between Televisa and the family of Chente, the producer of the series Juan Osorio said that the production seeks nothing more than to capture the life of the family.

“We are not, at any time, inventing something else that is not in the book. This controversy has been going on for a long time, and I already knew that the Fernández family did not agree with it, but I trust my work and the adaptations that the writers are making," he said in an interview.

This is not the only series about 'El Charro de Huentitán,' who died on Dec. 12, 2021. Netflix and Colombian television network Caracol TV are also preparing a production called El Rey, which stars Mexico's Jaime Camil.


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