Photo by Jackie Lee Young
Photo by Jackie Lee Young

Tiarra Girls welcome LGBT History Month with “Let Love Free”

The Mexican-American sister-trio released a new single to celebrate LGBT History Month. “Let Love Free” also features Lady Shacklin.


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LGBT History Month is celebrated during the month of October. 

Intended to promote the developmental history of LGBTQ+ communities, it’s also a month designed to honor the accomplishments of LGBTQ+ artists.

This month, alternative pop group Tiarra Girls released “Let Love Free,” a single intended to open a personal and community-based dialogue.

Comprised of singer and guitarist Tori Baltierra, bassist Tiffany Baltierra, and drummer Sophia Baltierra, Tiarra Girls are a Texas-based trio, and three-time Austin Music Award winners.

The fourth generation Mexican-American sisters identify as a Latinx group, contributing this single at a time when Hispanic Heritage Month is on its way out, and LGBT History Month is here to stay.

Let Love Free” navigates a narrative concerning the personal journey of lead singer Tori Baltierra, coming out, and celebrating true love.

The single also features Jamaican artist and rapper Lady Shacklin.

“It's been on my heart to share this part of myself with you all. From a very young age, I had a grasp on my identity and knew the journey around it would be something I had to create myself,” Tori wrote on Instagram

“After almost a decade of experiencing the internal and external whirlwind that comes with this identity, I've found stillness.”

Tiarra Girls seek to make music for an “empowered generation,” and self-describe themselves as “the fierce sisterhood of Tiffany, Tori, and Sophia Baltierra... [a] power trio [who] deliver an eclectic sound and anthemic lyrics celebrating a message of unity and empowerment.”

The sister-trio sometimes bring a reggae-inspired rhythm to their forthright pop tunes. This particular rhythm rings throughout the trio’s newest single. The group is also known to pull from ska influences.

The band advocates for a better world through their music: encouraging youth voting with “Leave It To The People,” and promoting unity of sisterhood with “Soy Chingona.”

Tiarra Girls will be busy this month directing their energy around LGBTQ+ communities, and motioning towards personal and community-driven dialogue.

They will also partake in a conversation with Denise Hernandez, queer Attorney and founder of Chingonx Fest. The discussion will focus on the subjects of queerness in the Latinx community, coming out journeys, and advice for the next generation of queer youth. 

The conversation will be recorded and uploaded for later viewing. The trio will be collaborating with various LGBTQIA+ organizations and causes; both virtual and in-person with all COVID-19 precautions taken.

The sister-trio will release a music video for “Let Love Free” later this month.


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