Nicki Nicole, alias of the very young Nicole Denise Cucco (2000), was born in Rosario in a middle class family, and is today one of the most important voices in the Latin American scene. Photo: YouTube.
Nicki Nicole, also known as Nicole Denise Cucco, was born in Rosario in a middle-class family and is one of today's most important voices in the Latin American music scene. Photo: YouTube.

‘Verte’ shows Nicki Nicole's tender side with reggae rhythms

Argentine singer and rapper Nicki Nicole continues to rock the Latin scene with a new single featuring iconic reggae singer Dread Mar-I.


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Rap has been affected by a toxic culture in different ways for decades, but with the same aggressive masculinity patterns.

That's why when Nicki Nicole went viral in April 2019 with Wapo Traketero it was a breath of fresh air. In it, the young singer produced rhymes with more of an R&B-feel and they eventually earned her a nomination for "Best New Artist" at the 2020 Latin Grammys.

Now, she continues her artistic growth renovated and refined alongside Argentinean MC legends for a new song. 'Verte,' comes after what was a magnetic meeting in Miami between Nicki, producer Bizarrap, and legend of the Latin reggae, Dread Mar-I.

Its chorus is a declaration of desire: "Seeing you is what I need on this occasion, how do I explain to my interior all this confusion?"

As Nicole explains: "I honestly couldn't believe I was doing a song with Dread Mar, and produced by Bizarrap. It was like... full circle and great. ‘Verte’ was created in an hour or so. Mariano [Dread Mar-I] and I had the melody in our heads, and Biza had the beat. When we finished, it made us feel so many things. We couldn't stop singing, dancing. I think we played it like 45 times that night."

The response to the video accompanying the song is certification of Nicki's success in social media and streaming platforms, where she accumulates hundreds of millions of views and listens per drop.

On this occasion, the song is especially romantic, possessed by Dread Mar-I's quiet style of reggae, which turns the song into a warm call for coming together encapsulated in a video that depicts a road trip.

Nicki Nicole, alias of Nicole Denise Cucco, was born in Rosario, Argentina to a middle-class family. An attentive producer discovered her in the Boom Trap Party contest of 2018.

The following year, she released her first album, Recuerdos, with which she managed to enter numerous international charts.

Before 'Verte,' her collaboration with Trueno in 'Mamichula' and 'Mala Vida' were Nicole's biggest songs. If anything is shown by this latest release, it is her skills in verse with a sweet voice that never ceases to seduce new audiences.




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