The multimedia show will premiere on April 14 in New York City. Photo: Official Poster.
The songbook will premiere on April 15 in New York City. Photo: Official Poster.

'Tu nombre verdadero': Rita Indiana's post-pandemic tale of illness and death

The Dominican artist will perform the songbook at Lower East Side's Clemente Center on April 15.


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Dominican musician and writer Rita Indiana's latest piece, Tu nombre verdadero, "is a post-pandemic abstract tale that addresses the experiences of illness and death in the context of artistic practices and their markets,” Indiana explained in a recent release about the upcoming premiere of the songbook.

The show will premiere alongside fellow artist Noelia Quintero-Herencia on April 15 at the Clemente Center as part of the center's 30th anniversary celebration.

"The musical genres are approached in their bare bones, stripped of irony or fusion, as if death had also kissed them," the release read.

The Dominican artist said that the musical work "is born from the need to share an intimate space with those who are left behind, a need to commemorate the deceased outside the social media, in the present, where the living dwell."

"It reaches unexplored places in my musical memory, the sounds of early childhood or how I remember them, a time before I knew what death meant," said Rita.

Quintero-Herencia, who also designed the set, conceived the piece as "a system of farewells, the multimedia machine of lights and shadows we would need to look at hard-to-portray things like loss."

Tu nombre verdadero is Indiana's first work since her Latin Grammy-nominated album Mandinga Times and was commissioned by Americas Society. It was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Association of Performing Arts Professionals through support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The work is being developed as part of the Clemente's residency program.


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