Jennifer Lopez. File image. NBC/GETTY IMAGES.
Jennifer Lopez. Photo: NBC/Getty Images.

Marc Anthony and Ben Affleck fawn over J.Lo in new interview

Marc Anthony and Ben Affleck remember Jennifer Lopez with affection and admiration in an interview for InStyle.


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Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony were recently interviewed for J.Lo's new profile in InStyle magazine's May issue. The two former partners of the artist opened up in the interview about what they really think of her. Both referred to Lopez with affection and admiration, always highlighting her work ethic. 

Jennifer Lopez is the May cover of InStyle magazine and in tribute to the singer, actress, dancer and businesswoman's 30-year career, they have done a feature that includes the opinions of her exes Marc Anthony and Ben Affleck on different topics, from her vision and drive to her ageless beauty.

Ben Affleck and J.Lo were a couple from 2002 to 2004, were briefly engaged and worked on a few projects together. "I thought I had a good work ethic, but I was completely humbled and in awe of what she was committed to doing day in and day out, how seriously she took her work, how quietly and dedicatedly she went about accomplishing her goals, and then how she would redouble her efforts again," Affleck said.

With Marc Anthony, Lopez was married for 10 years, and they have two children together, "what characterizes Jennifer is her ability to see and understand things before they happen," said Marc.

"Before she brings up an idea, she's visualized it a thousand times. And if someone tells her it might not be the best idea, she'll say, 'You just don't see it yet.' Nine times out of ten, she nails it. She's the first one in the room and the last one to leave. She's the hardest worker I've ever met. I've learned a lot from her. She's the original," says the singer. 

In the feature coming out in May, J.Lo confessed to the magazine

"I love what I do. I'm passionate about it. Every day doesn't feel like work. I can honestly say I'm living a dream, and I'm grateful every day I wake up. I have tireless energy for what I do," said Lopez, who took the opportunity to thank his incredible team, "I really believe that the most important thing is to have fantastic people around you," he added.

And although to celebrate and validate J.Lo's trajectory we don't need her former romantic partners to talk about her, the opinions of both agree that she is that strong and determined woman we see on the screens. 




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