Javiera Mena by @rodphotography. 
Javiera Mena: Photo: @rodphotography.

'Entusiasmo': The latest EP by Javiera Mena

Chilean singer-songwriter Javiera Mena released a new EP, I. ENTUSIASMO, to kick off pride month.


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Javiera Mena has become a LGBTQ+ icon of Chilean indie pop. The singer-songwriter, producer and activist, has released a new electro-pop EP titled I. ENTUSIASMO. 

Javiera remained active throughout the pandemic and showering her followers with her music, releasing tracks such as "Flashback," which invites us to remember nostalgic times mixed with elements of futurism. There is also "Corazón Astral," and finally with "Dos," a song that imagines the possibilities of loving two people. They are all part of the five-song EP. 

The Latin Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter for her album Otra Era, presents her new EP in the framework of Pride month.

"All the songs are united by the concept of enthusiasm, passion, desire, Eros, to go towards something. That's why it's called that, because the common thread of all the songs is the impulse towards something. Whether it is towards another person or towards an action. That impulse has only to do with Eros. Not only the Eros of the erotic, of carnal desire, but also Eros as an impulse to do things," said Javiera.

On June 2, Javiera will release the official music video for the song "Diva," a collaboration with the Andalusian artist Chico Blanco and a song that encourages us to enjoy without complexes. The release coincides with the artist's birthday, so the date is a perfect excuse to meet with different personalities of the collective and to connect with her fans and friends through lives and listening sessions through social media.

The artist stated on social media that "this is stage number one of a journey that we will unveil over time."  Throughout Pride month Javiera will participate in live chats with the LGBTQ+ community and her fans, presenting her new songs. 

The fifth EP in Javiera's career has been entirely created in Chile, is already on her digital platforms, and promises to be part of a whole that we hope to hear and see soon. 


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