J Balvin during his meeting with Pope Francis taking a selfie. Photo: Instagram JBalvin
J Balvin taking a selfie during his meeting with Pope Francis. Photo: Instagram- J Balvin

J Balvin meets with Pope Francis: "I'm sure he likes reggaeton"

The Colombian urban music star met with the leader of the Catholic Church during the Vitae Summit 2022.


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Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin, met on Thursday, Sept. 1, with Pope Francis as part of the Vitae Summit 2022, where other artists took part. 

After his meeting with the Pope, Balvin told a small group of media members that he is "sure he likes reggaeton."

"If he likes soccer, he likes reggaeton," he continued.

This caused a stir among the attendees, as the Colombian made several unique comments about his visit. 

"I was talking to him and we had a very good connection, I'm going to give him an album so he can have it," added the Colombian amid some laughter. 


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J Balvin took part with other artists, such as Mexico's Eduardo Verástegui and Alexander Acha, in a meeting convened by the Vitae Foundation, which wants to study "how the arts, media and entertainment can be used to promote unity, hope and the encounter between people globally."

Among other guests also present were American actress Patricia Heaton, singer Andrea Bocelli, British actor David Oyelowo, singer Alessia Cara and other artists from the film, television and music industry.

A cool Pope 

To young people, J Balvin recommended that they listen to or read interviews with Francis so they can understand his message because he is "a totally different pope than the previous ones."

"For me, this is the 'coolest' pope," added the artist, who praised the way Francis talks to young people as "so real."

"He is 'cool' because he shows himself as he is, with this position of so much responsibility and privilege he acts as if he is the same person who came out of his neighborhood and this is what everyone says . He's genuine, he doesn't pretend to change his essence because he's the Pope," said J Balvin.


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