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Halsey is Creating a Fund for Black Artists

The first recipients of the fund will be announced on June 18.


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On Thursday June 11, pop singer Halsey announced on Twitter that she is launching an international fund for Black creators to amplify their art, provide them with resources and points of contact to further their career. 

She is calling for artists, poets, graphic designers, writers, filmmakers, music producers, journalists, makeup artists and more to post their work using the hashtag #BlackCreatorsFund. 


When asked where to donate to the fund by fans, the singer assured that her and her team would provide the funds. If fans want to get involved, she said to share the work of Black artists on their platforms.

Within hours, the hashtag became overwhelmed with talented Black artists, hoping for a chance to gain more visibility and move forward with their careers in art. 

There were oil paintings, ballpoint pen drawings, homemade lip glosses, poetry, unique makeup looks, digital artwork and musicians. 


After the hashtag was live for a day, Halsey followed up with praise for the creators and excitement at the chance to virtually meet with some.

The first recipients of funds will be announced on June 18, and they hope to continue the initiative for many years to come. 

Halsey is biracial and has been out protesting every day since the outrage over George Floyd’s death began. On Twitter she posted a photo of her dad, who is Black, and her two younger brothers with the caption: “This is why I never miss a day, I love them so much I could explode.”

A lot of celebrities as well as brands have been using their platforms to speak about racial inequality, but Halsey is putting her money where her mouth is with the Black Creators Fund. 

She is very aware of her privilege as a white passing biracial person, and as a famous singer with a cult following, and she is using it the right way. Black art matters and Halsey is giving Black artists the space to thrive. 



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