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Victoria Kühne: Betting on women in the music industry

The artist nominated twice for a Grammy seeks to offer more equitable opportunities in music.


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Victoria Kühne, a multidisciplinary artist, composer, singer, businesswoman and producer has twice been nominated for a Grammy, is currently in charge of Victoria Records, a musical project valued at $25 million that seeks to give female artists a greater space in an industry dominated by men.

As owner and CEO of Victoria Records, Kühne currently represents clients such as Morrissey, The Strokes, M.IA., Gloria Trevi, Korn, Intocable, and Rauw Alejandro, among many others.

Kühne talked about her professional career and new projects with Forbes Mexico, a publication that highlights the career of the artist who began in the musical theater at age 14, while her parents launched a music label and editing company.

Kühne stressed:

I think all people in this industry in situations of power are facing each other's daily decisions and we can demand that there be women. I have been invited to projects where I put myself as a condition that it integrates other women or simply I won’t work on it. We can all do our part in our way.

Growing With Music

Kühne, who grew within the music industry along with her parents who built the recording studio when she was 11 years old, has always been surrounded by creatives and musicians of diverse origins.

The interview emphasizes that, throughout her professional career, Kühne has always shown interest in the lack of female presence, both in the music industry and that of cinema, so that becoming the only woman in Latin America in charge of a world-class studio has always been clear that she wanted to give visibility to women.

Among her most outstanding works as a composer, cinematographic projects for Jonás, Alfonso Cuarón and Amat Escalante stand out, as well as her collaboration with personalities, such as Armando Manzanero, who at the time entrusted her with adapting his songs to English.

Opening Spaces for Women

“All men who are around me and with whom I work within this industry are just as worried as me about these statistics and just as committed to boosting the role of women. It is an effort among all, and in my experience, I see them wanting to be part of these important changes.”

Kühne refers to a series of data in which the female presence is very small:

  • Only 22.4% of artists are women
  • 12.3% are composers
  • 3% of audio engineers are female
  • Only 2% of participation in the industry are producers

“One of the factors that discourages women more to pursue a career in the music industry, more specifically in a recording studio, is the work environment where they constantly feel that they must prove their knowledge, that their ideas are rejected or that their leadership role is not respected in the same way as that of a man,” noted Kühne.

Experience at Women's Service

Kühne has two Grammy nominations as a producer, the first of those in a category where she was the only woman producer.

Also, Victoria Records adds more than 50 nominations to the same award, in addition to having been considered among the 13 best recording studios in the world by specialized magazines, where Kühne is the only woman in front of one of them throughout the list.

Among the actions that Victoria Records has done to support women in the music industry, the classes that have been taught in Berklee College of Music and the Art Institute stand out.

For its part, in each composition session she organizes there are the same number of women and men in the room, as well as in the recording and filming sessions of musical videos, where 50% of the equipment in each filming is composed of women.

Currently, Kühne takes care of the studies, the label and the editor, in addition to her project as a soloist, on the one hand, and on the other her project as a multidisciplinary artist, called KÜHNE.

Recently, the multifaceted producer launched a film production and music videos called Victoria Films, which has been in charge of the distribution of international films, such as “The Nowhere Inn” with St. Vincent and Dakota Johnson.


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