The creativity of Camilo is on fire
Camilo's creativity is on fire. Photo: Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

Camilo and Carlos Vives to release their new collaboration, “Baloncito Viejo”

In the video, both singers play on opposing teams, trying to win the heart of the same woman


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Collaborations are the new phenomenon in mainstream music. Announcements about new music videos, singles, and shared tours are profitable. The latest to hop on the trend are Colombia's Camilo and Carlos Vives, who will soon release a new collab called "Baloncito Viejo."

Vives released it on his Instagram, where he captioned it with a sentence from the chorus: "if you're going to throw me away, like an old ball... Then I don't play anymore." Next to the words, he added an emoji of a broken heart.

Despite belonging to different generations and musical styles, both put on old soccer boots and vintage sports clothing to play a game in the music video. In the short preview released on social media, there is little music, making it difficult to determine how the song will sound. However, a base of reggaeton and urban music is present.

Soccer plays just a metaphor. Both singers play on opposing teams, trying to win the heart of the same woman. Per usual, Latin music talking  about love and passion.

Both are surrounded in the video by directors and actors like JJ.Abrams, Carolina Dávila, Aracely Resrepo, Carmen Abondano, Juliana Dávila and Lucca Pietro.

With the song, Camilo stays on fire. In recent months, he released “Buenos dias” with Wisin and Los Legendarios, “Pesadilla” and “Índigo.” Vives also released his new hit “Currambera” a few weeks ago, in which he paid tribute to Shakira for her 45th birthday. It was a surprise for the Colombian icon.


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Despite his young age, Camilo already has an extensive career and resume of accomplishments. The actor, singer and composer from Medellín recorded his first album Regálame tu corazón in 2008 after winning Colombia's X Factor.

In addition to his own success and recognition, he's “shared” his creativity with other artists. He's written songs ranked at the top of the most listened songs on Spotify: “Mi mala” by Mau y Ricky with Karol G, the remix with Becky G, Lali and Leslie Grace,"Sin pijama" by Becky G and Natti Natasha, “Pa dentro” by Juanes, “Sin querer queriendo” by Lali with Mau and Ricky, and “Ya no tiene novio” by Sebastián Yatra with Mau and Ricky.

Vives also needs no introduction. He is the most nominated artist at the Latin Grammy Awards, and a pioneer in fusing variants of popular music from his country, such as cumbia, with universal styles such as pop and rock.


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