Bizarrap at a music gala held in Las Vegas in November 2021
Bizarrap at a music gala held in Las Vegas in November 2021. Photo: Getty Images

The Bizarrap phenomenon: The producer that brings Latin urban stars to his home studio

His passion for music started in school, with a curriculum that focused on creative arts.


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Gonzalo Julián Conde, known in the musical world as Bizarrap has achieved something unusual.

At the age of 13, he started rapping, and dreamed of producing his own music. Gradually, he experimented with different music production software. In that amateur phase, he never imagined that he would end up attracting the great stars of the urban music scene to his home studio, and that his live sessions featuring them on YouTube would end up global hits. Bizarrap is the focus, and everyone aspires to be touched by his talent.

In recent times, some of his most successful sessions were the controversial tiraera Residente dedicated to J Balvin, and the challenge that he launched with his compatriot Paulo Londra. On Instagram, Bizarrap challenged his followers to leave 23 million comments on one post to launch the long-awaited Session #23. Within 24 hours, he surpassed the goal — it became the most commented hip-hop post in the history of the social media platform.

"I can't believe it, I didn't think we were going to do it so fast," he said.

Cazzu, Nicky Jam, Zaramay, Dani, Nicki Nicole and Morad have all passed through his home studio room. In total, he's hosted 49 sessions.

His passion started in a school with a curriculum focused on creative arts. His family, and especially his father, surrounded him with music from a very young age. During adolescence, he dedicated himself to creating songs as a hobby. At 18, he felt ready to make a career out of music.

"I prepared myself having fun, and it ended up being half unintentional," he acknowledged in an interview. Unintentionally, but he became number one in the world. His path to fame began with 2017's "Locos Combos" video series, where he combined rap battles mixed with humor and introduced his own beats. There, he started hanging out with Kodigo, Ecko, Lit Killah and other popular artists in the scene.

Then came the first "Freestyle Session" in 2018, where he shone as an innovative DJ. That project evolved into the current phenomenon of "BZRP Music Session," after reaching more than 150 million views with a livestream session alongside Nicki Nicole. The biggest names from the U.S., Puerto Rico and Spain chomped at the bit to come to his studio. This was the case with Nathy Peluso, whose “Music Session 36” earned both a Spanish Platinum Record. Bizarrap then made the leap to producing full-length albums, such as Duki's Desde el fin del mundo.

Many consider that Bizarrap a genre in himself, capable of navigating between pop, electronic music, trap and reggaeton. From his beginnings, he was always closely tied to freestyle, and the essence of improvisation. Ever since he was a teenager, he was fascinated by the electronics of DJ Tiesto, the beats of classic American rappers, but he also enjoyed with the psychedelia of modern band Tame Impala.

Bizarrap is also a versatile creator. He is capable of making stadiums of 100,000 people reverberate with his own music, or producing hits from his room. Always wearing his unmistakable black cap with the slogan “BZRP” and huge black sunglasses, he admits: “I'm a bit shy, and I prefer to create music.” 

In most of his facets, the introverted Bizarrap is already a modern music icon.


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