The illustration of Nubia's return is by Alitha Martinez collaborating with scriptwriter L.L. McKinney. PHOTOGRAPHY: Wonder Woman #770 variant cover by Travis Moore
Nubia's return is drawn by Alitha Martinez in collaboration with scriptwriter L.L. McKinney. Photo: Wonder Woman #770 variant cover by Travis Moore

'Infinite Frontier' continues to expand the Wonder Woman catalog

Nubia, the original Black Wonder Woman, will also make a strong return to the series after the events of Future State.


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The alternate cover by Travis Moore for Wonder Woman #770, which will be released in March 2021, has given comic book fans an idea of what the next adventure will be for the princess of Temyschira after the events of the Future State crossover.

What is known is that the new story arc (Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman), written by Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad, will keep the idea of expand the diversity of characters to wield the lasso of truth.

A few weeks ago, Yara Flor, was presented at DC's annual kickoff as a another future rendition of the warrior that combines Brazilian folklore with the original Greek myths used by the character's creator, William Moulton Marston.

The character design by artist Joêlle Jones made an impact on fans eager to discover the future timelines of DC's story arcs following the events of Dark Nights: Metal and Dark Nights: Death Metal.

With the new announcements, fans also know that the consequences of the Future State have taken hold of the universe. It also presented another opportunity to pass the mantles of various heroes to new characters.

In that vein, fans can appreciate the return of Nubia, the Black Wonder Woman who was created in 1973 by Don Heck and Robert Kanigher as an evil twin. Now is the time to expand on her origins and redefine the character. 

From the previews, her story will converge with that of Yara and Diana. The illustration of Nubia's return is by Alitha Martinez in collaboration with screenwriter L.L. McKinney, who previously worked with the character in Nubia: Real One.

In this new age for DC characters called Infinite Frontier, a term to refer to the timelines after major events that tend to last longer and consequences are exploited, readers will also witness re-skins of many characters, as can be seen by Diana's look and cape on the alternate cover.

That change not only covers uniform updates, but also who is wearing them.

The issue of diversifying comic book superheroes is not trivia, and years ago, it was one of the many reasons for Comicsgate. Marvel has been working on it for many years, one of the first examples being Miles Morales, who appeared in the House of Ideas in 2011.

DC now intends to catch up, also taking into account new markets after the successes of movies. It is through these events and their subsequent ages that they are introducing new characters, including the first non-binary character of their universe, Kid Quick.

This line could also be framed with the announcement trailer of a Marvel event for 2021, Heroes Reborn, which places a character like Blade at the center of the narrative and presents an alternative chronology where characters very different from the usual that form The Avengers.

Readers seem curious to know the new adventures of Diana of Temyschira in Valhalla, but are perhaps even more curious to know if new such long-lived lasso bearers will be born from the main series, which arrives at issue #770.


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