Maria Guerra-Stoll on the set of her latest project. Photo Courtesy of PAM Studios
Maria Guerra-Stoll on the set of her latest project. Photo Courtesy of PAM Studios

Playa Azul Media is Georgia’s first Latina-owned production company

Maria Guerra-Stoll, the Latina business owner, previously worked for Tyler Perry at his studio company.


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Maria Guerra-Stoll always loved the arts and always wanted to see more Black and Brown talent on the big screen.

This is why she decided the best way to see Latino faces in television is to open her own production company called, Playa Azul Media, in Rome, Georgia.

The company officially opened its doors on Thursday, April 21, 2022. Guerra-Stoll said that she is dedicated to hiring diverse employees.

Her idea came to her when she initially began working with multi-talented actor and producer, Tyler Perry. She saw how Perry opened doors for talented actors and writers in the Black community when she worked as an architect for his production company, Tyler Perry Studios.

"I was an architect for Tyler Perry Studios when we started in 2007, and I saw what he did with his community and I’m very proud of him. So I said, 'If he can do that, why not?' I mean there are a lot of Latinos. We’re invincible. And we want to see if we could tell our stories. So five years ago, I decided I would try, and today is the day we’ve finally made it," said Guerra-Stoll.

Her goal is to also help women who are struggling with getting into the film and television industry. In addition to providing women with jobs, she wants aspiring film students to work at her company with open arms.

"We want to develop all these local talents together with the schools, and we want to provide jobs for the industry there. You know, Rome is really my proof of concept,” she said in an interview with 11 Alive.

She wants to provide them with hands-on learning.

"We're going to help educate and give work to young students," said Guerra- Stoll. “We're all for students and building new futures for them."

Guerra-Stoll already has a few projects in the works. So far, she is working on a reality television series, 40 Akers and a Brew. The series is about the Grammy-nominated hip-hop group, Nappy Roots going on a road trip and showing viewers different craft breweries across the country.

Another interesting project lined up is Visiting Olivia, a comedy-drama about a young man who visits his grandmother in Mexico, hoping to escape the problems that lie ahead for him in the U.S.

In addition to owning a production company, Guerra-Stoll also co-founded GSP Architects and Interiors in 1998, along with co-founder William Barker.

With a new and improved Latina-owned production company, viewers will now get the chance to see more diverse backgrounds in television.


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