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New episode featuring Canela Lopez, writer for Insider. Image: AL DÍA News

Cuéntame Episode 15: Canela López and the taboo topics of the Latinx Community


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Agosto 15, 2022

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Agosto 04, 2022


Cuéntame is an AL DÍA Podcast series that features the exceptional stories of U.S. Latinos narrated by the protagonist.

Episode 15 of Cuéntame highlights the career of Canela López, a non-binary journalist who works for Insider in New York City.

López was born in California to Peruvian parents and at a young age, knew they did not feel like the rest of the “chicas” around them. When they were 19, they came out as non-binary and have been blessed to have such an accepting family. 

As a journalist, their experience was not the most common, as they studied political science and Africana studies to get a strong foundation of how society works.

López now writes for Insider as a Sex and Relationships reporter, covering kinks, porn, LGBTQ issues, and the intersection of health and race. They explained to AL DÍA the importance of covering such issues since many Latinx families do not speak on them. 

Tune in to listen to the episode on how Canela Lopez became who they are today.


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