Cuentame Episode 11
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Cuéntame Episode 11: Panama’s Chinese Pop Star


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Cuéntame is an AL DÍA Podcasts series that features the exceptional stories of U.S. Latinos narrated by the protagonist. Music: Duele Verte Ir by Wilson Ching. 

For this episode of Cuéntame, we had a conversation with Wilson Ching, who is a pop singer with a very diverse background.

Ching was born to Chinese parents in a Latin American country, Panama to be exact. He came to the United States to learn English when he was 14 years old but his life took a spin when he decided to pursue a career as a singer. Now having a fan base not only here but also in his home country, he hopes that other Latinos with a Chinese background see him as a role model to dream big and follow their passion just like he did. Tune in to listen to Ching’s story of resilience in the music industry.

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