Deisys Cake Shop
Deisy Tapia shown above featured in episode number eight. Image: Dream Art Studio

Cuéntame Episode 8: Deisy’s Cake Shop


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Cuéntame is an AL DÍA Podcasts series that features the stories of U.S. Latinos narrated by the protagonist.

For this edition of Cuéntame, we visited Deisy’s Cake Shop in Kennett Square to talk to Deisy Tapia about the success of her newly-opened bakery– which opened right before the pandemic hit.

Tapia is a 27-year-old baker who started working for her family’s traditional bakery when she was just in high school. She decided to go to Culinary School to become a pastry chef and her parent’s bakery was the perfect place for her to practice her craft. She spoke about how bringing new ideas has brought more opportunities to her as well as the business. And with a new location available, she has been able to expand to other places in the area. Tune in to listen to her story and how her cakes have grown in popularity among the community. 

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