Lazaro Torres for Cuentame
Lazaro Torres sat down with AL DÍA to share his story for the seventh episode of Cuéntame. Photo: AL DÍA News

Cuéntame Episode 7: Lazaro Torres


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Cuéntame is an AL DÍA Podcasts series that features the stories of U.S. Latinos narrated by the protagonist.

In the seventh episode of Cuéntame, Lazaro Torres sat down in conversation with us to share his story of coming to Philadelphia to start a career in consulting with Accenture. 

Born in Cuba, Torres came to the United States with his family when he was three years old. In search of better opportunities, his parents moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and then to Miami, Florida when he turned 12. He spoke of his desire to become a superhero and his decision to enlist in the United States Marine Corps which he found was the best option to make a difference. After attending Florida International University, Torres continued to explore his career opportunities as he felt stuck doing something he didn’t find beneficial to his professional growth. Tune in and listen to his story of landing and excelling in a career that not many are aware of. 


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