Sal Rodriguez at one of his stores
Salvador Rodriguez posing at his first store, celebrating 7 years of business. Photo: Salvador Rodriguez

Cuéntame Episode 1: Salvador Rodriguez


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In the first episode of Cuéntame, we brought to the studio Salvador Rodriguez, a young and inspiring entrepreneur from Chester County. He talked about his family, the beginnings of his business and the personal struggles he had to face in the past few years. 

Sal, as his friends call him, was only 17-years-old when he opened his first phone store, after choosing not to attend college.  A youthful desire he wasn’t prepared for, but that over time blossomed into a successful business. However, as it’s often the case, money only deepens pre-existing problems, and Sal found himself deeper into his substance abuse.  A painful realization that impacted everyone around him, taking a toll on him and his business. Leaving behind that harmful lifestyle, he has been able to run 11 stores successfully and motivate others, pushing his employees to keep learning and growing. Listen as he shares his life lessons from good books to how to live life to the fullest, in a healthy way.

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