Spanish teen pop star Abraham Mateo has growth spurt with reggaeton, beard, big muscles. Photo: EFE/Pablo Ramon
Spanish teen pop star Abraham Mateo has growth spurt with reggaeton, beard, big muscles. Photo: EFE/Pablo Ramon

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Spanish teen pop star Abraham Mateo says that at age 18 he has experienced a growth spurt both physically and musically, a radical change reflected in his latest number with a touch of reggaeton, "Loco Enamorado.""I grew my beard, I've had more of a growth spurt, I've evolved physically and also in my musical style - it's gone a little more Latino, more urban," Mateo said in an interview with EFE in Miami.The artist recorded his first disc as an 11-year-old, and up to now has basically performed pop songs like "Sexy Señorita," which won him a faithful fan base, but his new tune marks a turning point.In "Loco Enamorado," Mateo is accompanied by urban icon Farruko from Puerto Rico in shaping a song the Spaniard defines as "reggaepop," a fusion of the pop that has been his signature music for all his young lifetime, and a reggaeton that is gaining world popularity thanks to the "Despacito" phenom.So in the new disc "we see both the before and after Abraham," he said, while noting that since he was 9, he has been composing reggaeton numbers, a style that always "grabbed his attention."For several years now, Mateo has taken as his guides English-speakers like Bruno Mars, who in his process of evolution he has added to his list of traditional Latin music stars like Enrique Iglesias.Mateo, who also has a ton of Latin American fans, has been incessantly compared to Justin Bieber, an artist who recently adopted a strategy of adapting his music and personal image to a more mature audience.The singer from Cadiz, who during the interview didn't mention that perceived parallel to the Canadian star, hired a personal trainer several months ago and got serious about body building, whose results he showed off on Instagram several days ago, to the astonishment of his 1.8 million followers on the social network.That was the first time Mateo chucked the teenage image that has characterized him in recent years, including the juvenile face that remained almost unchanged since his TV singing debut at age 7.Eleven years later, with a trimmed beard and short hair but with a fashionable small ponytail, he said his mom was "shocked" at his transformation.To celebrate his recent high school graduation, Mateo made the video of "Loco Enamorado" in Miami's hipster Wynwood district with Farruko and the Puerto Rican Christian Daniel.Against the walls painted with graffiti by some of the best street artists in the world, Mateo shot an incredibly "summery" video, like the season that has just begun[ad]

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