A promotional photo for Herr's Flavor By Philly contest.
Photo courtesy of Herr's.

Herr’s new contest lets Philadelphians choose their next flavor


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As a part of Herr's "Flavored by Philly: Local Eats" contest, the snack food company recently announced three new chip flavors available to be bought, tested, and voted on to choose a winner.

Herr's held a similar contest last year, and to introduce something new this year they asked Philadelphians to nominate flavors from local small food businesses. The three finalist flavors are available from June 13 to August 8, available wherever Herr's chips are sold.

The final three flavors were chosen by a panel of judges, including members such as Top Chef Jen Carroll of Spice Finch, and Ed Herr, Herr's Chairman and CEO, who sorted through over 1,500 flavors to make their selections.

“Herr’s is a brand that grew up in Philly and we remain true to our Philly roots. Through Flavored by Philly, we wanted to highlight other small businesses and their signature flavors to give the people of our community a unique experience they could really get excited about. Boy was it hard, though, to narrow down to just three finalists,” said Herr, in a press release.

“We are big fans of the three small business finalists and are thrilled to combine our chips with their signature dishes. The combination is something even more magical than we were expecting and we can’t wait to share them with you!” he continued.

The three Herr's chip flavors: Korean BBQ Wings, Roast Pork Sandwich, and Tomato Pie.
Photo courtesy of Herr's.

The first flavor is based on Mike's BBQ’s Korean BBQ Wings. Mike's BBQ was founded following the opening of a successful gastropub in South Philly, where the eponymous Mike first began serving samples of his BBQ. 

From there, he utilized his years of experience and purchased a Lang Smoker, an older style of "stick smokers" for cooking, and opened Mike's BBQ in Philadelphia.

The second flavor is modeled after John's Roast Pork and their Roast Pork Sandwich.

As a family business, John's Roast Pork (also known as John's Lunch and The Snyder Avenue Lunch Bar) has been open since 1930, having been passed down for three generations since its founder Domenico Bucci opened it.

The third and final flavor is Tomato Pie, drawing from Corropolese Bakery in Norristown.

Having been founded in 1924, the Corropolese Bakery has gone through four generations of family ownership, cementing itself as a community staple.

The nominator for the winning flavor will be awarded $5,000, and the small business behind the flavor will win $10,000. Philadelphians are able to vote for a flavor of their choice here.

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