Photo Credit: Courtesy of LCG/UAC.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of LCG/UAC.

Latino and Veteran-owned business to sponsor Urban Affairs Coalition's 53rd Anniversary Breakfast


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When the Urban Affairs Coalition hosts its 53rd Anniversary Breakfast later this week, “Philadelphia’s Premier Networking Event,” a first-time occurrence will take place. 

This year, Lima Consulting Group will serve as a sponsor and major donor for the event, marking the first Latino- and veteran-owned business to hold those classifications in the event’s more than half-century long history.

The firm’s mission is to help organizations develop, deploy, and optimize digital initiatives for sustainable competitive advantages. 

The donation will serve to help accelerate the UAC’s digital transformation, providing cash and in-kind services to implement and support the use of various innovative solutions to scale and standardize the Coalition’s operations. 

“This investment will act as a force multiplier for good to not only the UAC, but the 80+ non-profits who ultimately will have their financial infrastructure on this platform,” said Bill Good, a partner at Lima Consulting Group, in a statement. 

Arun Prabhakaran, President at the Urban Affairs Coalition, noted that this milestone marks what is the beginning of a trend.

“I see the mighty engine of minority, women, and disabled-owned businesses matching big business investments in our community’s highest impact nonprofits,” he said. 

The partnership between LCG and the UAC originally started in 2011 when the former began serving as the latter’s trusted advisers. Since then, growth has taken place between both organizations.

“Given our commitment to support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, there is no better place for our social responsibility investment than the UAC,” said Paul Lima, managing partner at the Lima Consulting Group.

Lima is also the visionary behind starting Lima Consulting Group, an endeavor that began when he served as one of the nation’s first cyber-warriors in the US Army. 

That experience was what has catapulted him to a now 25+ year career in leading companies and helping the world’s premier brands transform their digital futures. 

Founded in 2004, the Lima Consulting Group serves the visionaries of today who are charged with creating the digital experiences of tomorrow. Its offices are located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, as well as São Paulo and Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Its multi-disciplinary teams include business, tech, creative and data experts who serve global brands, such as TikTok, Tyson Foods, Citi, Telefonica, Nike, AB Inbev, and the United States Department of Defense. 

Lima Consulting Group also has deep expertise with digital strategy, customer experience transformation and the leading platforms with Adobe, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Google, and many others.

The UAC’s 53rd Anniversary Breakfast is Friday, Nov. 18, 2022 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. You can find more information here

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