The Taco Bell Foundation has partnered more than 400 nonprofits to spark the next generation. Photo Courtesy of Taco Bell.
The Taco Bell Foundation has partnered more than 400 nonprofits to spark the next generation. Photo Courtesy of Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Foundation commits to raising $100 million by 2026


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This year, the Taco Bell Foundation is celebrating 30 years of championing individuals positively impacting their communities. 

From young people and college students, to scholars, entrepreneurs, and its team members, the Foundation has been breaking down barriers and inspiring the next generation.  More than 4 million young people across the country have been impacted since 1992.

To honor its 30-year milestone, the Taco Bell Foundation is committing to raise $100 million by 2026 to continue supporting its nonprofit partners, scholars, and change-makers.

“For three decades, the Taco Bell Foundation has been a steadfast advocate for the education and inspiration of the next generation of leaders,” said Jennifer Bradbury, Executive Director of the Taco Bell Foundation, in a press release. 

“Through our successful partnerships and programs, we have supported thousands of young people in achieving their dreams, and with this latest commitment, we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon,” she added. 

This latest commitment ensures the continued endeavor of championing young scholars, team members, and entrepreneurs on their journeys to becoming leaders of positive change in their communities. 

In 2022 alone, the Taco Bell Foundation has granted $7.5 million to 400 nationwide nonprofits organizations focused on youth education and career readiness. 

Its long-standing program Community Grants will provide direct support to services for youth academic success that feed young people’s hunger to learn and pursue their passions. 

Over the past 30 years, Taco Bell has used its fundraised money to help fuel many bold ambitions in several innovative ways.

Some of its highlights include: the TEENSupreme program in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to provide them with the tools and resources needed to help recruit, impact and retain teens; the Live Más Scholarship, a program aimed at empowering the nation’s next generation of dreamers, innovators, and creators with the funds needed to take the next step in their academic journey; the Live Más Scholarship Renewal Program to continue supporting previous recipients along their educational journeys; and the Ambition Accelerator in partnership with Ashoka to accelerate young innovators’ most ambitious social impact ideas.

With all that has been accomplished in the first 30 years of the Taco Bell Foundation, it is looking beyond to the next 30-plus years to go even further in its commitment to impacting young people and their communities. 

It’s the Foundation’s belief that by continuing to invest in the empowerment of new voices and youth education, the future will be even brighter.

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