Both Vaidya sisters, Ishika and Saniya, play the piano. Photo: Unsplash
Both Vaidya sisters, Ishika and Saniya, play the piano. Photo: Unsplash

How two Philly sisters are leaving an impact on music education in the city


Gira de Manuel Turizo

Enero 26, 2023


Since the age of five, Philly music teacher and tenth-grader Ishika Vaidya has played the piano. As she’s progressed in life, music’s impact has only become more profound.

A remedy for school’s stressors, piano followed Vaidya throughout her educational career and into today. 

The tenth-grader recently made a contribution to the local music education program, Musicopia, to express gratitude for the artform.

Musicopia makes music education accessible to Philly youth through donations. Musicopia takes donations including broken instruments which are repaired, if possible, before redistribution.

The nonprofit is estimated to have donated $1-million worth of musical equipment within the past 10 years alone.

In addition to her schooling, Vaidya has been teaching piano for about a year. She finds music to be an essential component to well-being.

To deliver the same solace of well-being to others, Vaidya donates a portion of her income from teaching to Musicopia. This decision was made by Vaidya and her older sister, Saniya.

Saniya Vaidya, also a piano teacher, began donating income from lessons before Ishika. Now, the sisters continue their effort to push the revitalization of music education.

"Saniya and I both really admire the charitable work Musicopia does… With my students, I'm trying to give them the tool to cope with stress and anxiety, but everybody needs that tool,” explained Ishika Vaidya in a statement.

The elder Vaidya sister now attends Cornell University. Both sisters hope to continue teaching piano throughout their own schooling.

For those who may be interested in donating to Musicopia, the nonprofit’s website offers a helpful guide.

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