Photo: Maritza Zuluaga // AL DIA
Photo: Maritza Zuluaga // AL DIA

Trump goes to Philly and the protests follow

Yesterday, Philadelphia Independance Hall was swarmed with Anti-Trump protestors standing off with the president’s supporters.


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A quick trip for President Donald Trump to Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center (NCC) for a town hall meeting led to hundreds of protesters gathering at Independence Hall throughout the day.

The crowds stayed despite the brevity of Trump’s visit and were gathered by Refuse Fascism, a national organization that regularly organizes demonstrations around Trump and Pence appearances around the country.  

His speech was pre recorded in the NCC and he left at 4:30 p.m. to the airport to reboard the Air Force One, which created enormous traffic delays in the city. 

Protesters also organized a march. 

Before it began, there cops formed a barricade in front of a fence that separated Trump supporters from the anti-Trump protestors. 

Both crowds spewed hateful slander at one another.

“We’re out here because right now at this moment in history, if you’re not in the streets driving this regime from power, then you are complicit,” protester Sam Goldman said, addressing the crowd of Anti-Trump demonstrators.

Most of the exchanges included insults, cursing, yelling via megaphone and people flipping each other off.. 

However some were more civil, as both protesters and law enforcement engaged in conversations and debates about their roles on the day.

Different groups were also spread throughout the area surrounding Independence Hall, with one being a Christrian prayer group celebrating Jubilee 2020, in what seemed like a concert. 

At around 8:00 p.m., the march started down Market Street towards City Hall.

Signs soared through the sky saying “Trump/Pence Out Now,’ and ‘Hate never made us great.’ 

Earlier in the day, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney bemoaned the president’s arrival in a virtual briefing. 

“It’s certainly not something we were looking forward to doing, considering all that we’ve been through in the last number of months, but presidents come to cities based on lots of reasons,” he said. 

Kenney also let know his frustration at what Trump’s visit cost the city and the necessary increased police presence in an area where they’re not normally needed.  

At the end of the night, protesters closed out their march at LOVE Park.

The next protest organized by Refuse Fascism in Philadelphia will be next Monday Sept. 21.


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