Former Vice President Joe Biden. Photo: David Lienneman. Source:
Former Vice President Joe Biden. Photo: David Lienneman. Source:

Is Biden the best strategy to beat Trump?

After a low exchange of threats between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, it is only necessary to think twice before considering a…


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Don’t get us wrong; in front of the current White House, Joe Biden could be a favorite for any rational Democrat.

But the political circumstances of the United States are so delicate that to consider possible opponents against Donald Trump in 2020 is an issue that must be handled with prudence.

Last Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden (75) gave a speech in Miami where he said that "if we were in high school, I’d take him (Trump) behind the gym and beat the hell out of him", referring to the president's sexual misconduct.

Biden echoed his words during Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2016, saying he could beat the tycoon by force and flaunt his physical condition.

"I'm a very good athlete," he said. "Any guy that talked that way was usually the fattest, ugliest SOB in the room," he said, citing Trump's comments in 2005 about how his fame allowed him to touch women without complaint, the BBC reported.

For his part, President Trump turned to his Twitter account to respond to the attack, calling Biden "crazy" and "weak". "He doesn’t know me," he wrote, "but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way."

Quoting the words of Dan Balz in the Washington Post, how low can you go?

While many believe that Biden's frequent public appearances at political rallies would be a prelude to his candidacy for the 2020 elections - as well as Oprah and Julián Castro's suspicions - what seems to be happening is that the great public discontent (and panic) for Donald Trump’s behavior has set us to look for a Messiah where there are none.

According to a study conducted by Seth Masket, professor of Political Science and director of the Center for American Policy at the University of Denver, polls among Democrats show that "about a quarter (of those interviewed) have Biden as their favorite the next presidential nomination."

The public senses that the former vice president could "help unify not only a fragmented Democratic Party, but a fragmented nation.”

Biden has recently appeared at key political venues - such as Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania – and, as Politico reports, "a tight circle of aides has been brainstorming a range of tear-up-the-playbook ideas for a White House run," according to people close to the discussions.

But is this really the candidate the United States needs right now?

For Masket, the risk is that, in the midst of despair, Biden's political background - undermined by inadequate cultural comments, improper behavior during the Anita Hill case and her accusations against Clarence Thomas, and his own “strange” behaviors when it comes to approaching women – will be ignored.

"No, (those behaviors) aren’t worse than the things Trump says and does on every given morning," explains Masket. "But presumably that won’t be the standard to which Democrats hold their next presidential nominee, given the range of choices they have available for the post.”

And those options could go beyond Senator Bernie Sanders or Senator Elizabeth Warren (both favorites, according to data compiled by The Hill).

At a time when social revolution is on the street - among women, immigrants and students awakening from political lethargy - this is the time for the Democratic Party to change the strategy, recognize the communities that drive the country (Latinos, women, and young people ) and take the reins of a nation that cries out for change.


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