Rep.-elect George Santos
Rep.-elect George Santos speaks at a rally. Photo: David Becker for the Washington Post

Rep.-elect George Santos touted himself a gay Republican, but he was married to a woman until 2019

Records obtained by the Daily Beast reveal yet another inconsistency amid a string of alleged lies in the Santos campaign.


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In the midst of a growing political crisis campaign, newly-minted Congressman George Devolder Santos was dealt another blow this week as court records obtained by the Daily Beast revealed he was espoused to a woman until 2019. 

New York court filings show that, in 2019, a person by the name of Geoge “A.” Devolder Santos uncontestedly divorced Uadla Santos Vieira Santos in Queens County, the Daily Beast reported. 

Even before the start of his first congressional campaign in 2020, Santos, whose middle name is Anthony, had a penchant for a revolving door of names associated with him — George Santos, George Devolder Santos, George A. Santos, for different purposes.

Public records show Uadla Santos as the sole purchaser of a Jersey property for $750,000 this June, where she is listed as a married woman, according to records obtained by the Daily Beast

No later than two weeks after the divorce, Santos, 34, filed paperwork to launch his unsuccessful 2020 congressional campaign against Democrat Tom Suozzi and never mentioned his divorce. 

During his 2022 bid, in contrast, he continually highlighted his husband, a pharmacist.

Santos’ triumph in New York’s 3rd Congressional District was considered a Republican upset in what was previously a reliably blue state. 

NY-03, spanning Long Island’s Northshore and chunks of Queens, was a Biden district with a Democratic incumbent in Suozzi.

But Santos, in 2022, turned the district on its head, having bitterly defeated Democrat Robert Zimmerman by running as a solution to the status-quo dilemma — an openly gay man with Republican values.

“Openly gay” Rep. Santos — who alleged he lived comfortably as an openly gay man for a decade touted his sexual orientation for the better part of his campaign and said he “never experienced discrimination in the Republican Party.”

And responding to criticisms surrounding his support for the notorious Florida “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” Santos repeated he was “openly gay.” He added he “never had an issue with my sexual identity in the past decade, and I can tell you and assure you, I will always be an advocate for LGBTQ folks,” in an interview with USA Today.

Santos claimed to be a breath of fresh Republican air for a party that has set up emergency hotlines for drag brunches and called members of the LGBTQ community “groomers” while inspiring a wave of hate against them.

What the new investigation unveils is that Santos’ sexual orientation — which he routinely propped during his bid, at one point suggesting his husband had been in danger because of the left — is also conflicting.

The “walking, living, breathing contradiction,” the new Congressman’s own words, ring truer now. 

The new allegations against Santos are the latest in a string of inconsistencies exposed by the New York Times earlier this month in an investigation that found scores of his professional achievements to be fictionalized. 

The colleges that Santos says he attended do not have a record of him, nor do Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, two institutions where he penned professional experience.

The IRS has no record of his nonprofit, and he is currently grappling with unresolved legal disputes in Brazil.

But even before the Times broke the Santos tales, the Rep.-elect’s business record had already been incongruous and mired with suspicion

Enterprising Santos had worked as Director at Harbor City Capital, a company dogged by a federal probe from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for allegedly engaging in a Ponzi scheme with its investors.

Of the whopping $17.1 million Harbor City Capital raised toward business expenses, the firm never allocated more than $449,000 into its business, triggering an investigation by the SEC. 

The SEC’s report is a damning outline of the firm’s reckless spending behavior, including “false claims and omissions to investors,” such as “ill-begotten funds” to the tune of $1 million to employees “for no legitimate reason.” 

After reports of the company’s business practices came to light, Santos separated himself and wiped all information regarding his time there. 

There are also lingering questions about the nature of Santos’ campaign funding which, according to the Daily Beast, stems considerably from Andrew Intrater, who shares a familial relation with Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, who has given Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin weighty cash infusions. 

Regarding the Russian links, a spokesperson for Santos did not return a request for comment and redirected reporters to a seemingly inactive communications email.

Responding to the Times report, an attorney representing Santos said he “represents the kind of progress that the left is so threatened by — a gay, Latino, immigrant and Republican who won a Biden district in overwhelming fashion by showing everyday voters that there is a better option than the broken promises and failed policies of the Democratic Party.”


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