Casey "Dana Chanel" Olivera Photo by: Alliyah Maduro
Casey "Dana Chanel" Olivera Photo by: Alliyah Maduro

Dana Chanel: ‘It’s not about money. It’s about opportunity.’

This young female entrepreneur wants to create change in small communities around the nation by helping others start their own businesses. 


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Casey Dana Olivera, also known as Dana Chanel, was born in New York and raised in Delaware. Chanel is a businesswoman who is dedicated to helping build her community by giving them opportunities to start their own businesses and provide income for their families

However, being an entrepreneur was not always in the books for her — as a young girl, she never could have imagined being a Latina entrepreneur at the age of 25. Chanel attended Community College of Philadelphia in 2012 but soon realized that it was not for her. 

“I looked at the teacher and said to myself, ''Why am I here?’ I was struggling to get by.”

By learning online, she began her journey in entrepreneurship by sitting on her laptop every day installing apps in the app store by hand with the help of her father who is known as  Uncle Majic The Hip Hop Magician., who has provided her a support system and motivation throughout the years.

She knew she was supposed to do something greater so she turned to the internet for guidance and information on entrepreneurship. Together with her father, Chanel created a family business: the Sprinkle of Jesus Corporation.  

Chanel's main goal is to break generational curses of poverty and build businesses with her family. The Sprinkle of Jesus app became the number one online ministry app throughout the three years that it has been running. Chanel wanted to incorporate the two topics she loves most: entrepreneurship and being a Christian.

The Sprinkle of Jesus app provides workshops and events where Christian entrepreneurs are able to attend and learn how to create their own businesses from scratch. With its success, Chanel was able to branch off and build other businesses such as the Curl Bible. She also invests in other businesses such as Jumping Jack Tax, Alakazam apps, and Credit Exterminators. She invented these need-based apps to help people build their credits and grow their ability to make big purchases.   

Discovering her roots  

  When someone has a mix of different heritages, it can be difficult to embrace each one, especially if they are not raised around any specific culture.  Chanel is of African American, Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Panamanian descent. 

Growing up in the Delaware suburbs, Chanel was not able to embrace her Latina identity because she was not raised in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. When asked  what being Latina means to her, Chanel’s simply replied: “I’m on the journey of embracing my Latina culture.”

Chanel is a third-generation U.S. citizen born state-side,  meaning that, like many young Latinas who were born in the U.S., she has been stripped away from her culture and language. Chanel currently doesn’t know Spanish, but one of her main goals is to learn the language in order to engage with the Hispanic community and embrace her Latina culture. 

“I’m still trying to figure it out and trying to learn all of that,” she said. 


Road to entrepreneurship

Growing up, Chanel always had her eye on becoming a surgical doctor until she dropped out of college and realized her true calling was to help people with their finances. She adopted the name Dana Chanel for her brand given to her by a former high school friend, who thought that her middle name and Chanel sounded good together. 

Although she started her entrepreneurship career with just her father, today her office consists of  her husband, father, and her brothers and sisters — or, as Chanel calls them, the “Wolf Pack.” Chanel wanted to create a family business to provide job opportunities for her family members as well. 

“That’s why I am so focused on changing you and giving you opportunity and making sure you never rely on someone else to be a provider for you and I know you will instill that in your kids,” Chanel said of the message she wants to communicate to other people. 

Other than creating her own businesses and providing service to others, Chanel travels from city to city teaching others the strategies of marketing and how to create their own businesses. Her strategy and family building dynamic has helped people become spiritually and financially stable by constructing their own business. 

 “You don’t need to be popular in order to be profitable,” she said. 



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