Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon serves as the executive chairman of Breitbart News.

Breitbart readership hits all time high

Alt-right media outlet Breitbart News claims 2017 has been its biggest year ever in terms of web traffic, despite reports that its audience is dwindling.


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It looks like Breitbart News isn’t going away.

The controversial alt-right media platform that became a household name during the 2016 presidential election claims to have broken its record in readership. In an article published late last month, Breitbart reported that its website had reached more than 2.2 billion pageviews this year, surpassing its 2016 high of 2.18 billion.

Breitbart gained momentum during the election by supporting then nominee Donald Trump and stoking right-wing outrage using sensationalist headlines, which were often profoundly racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-immigrant.  

“I’m sure this great news will shock our haters in the political and media establishment,” Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow said in the article. “They have insisted on writing dishonest and embarrassing (for them) hit pieces on us all year, falsely claiming we are losing our audience. I wonder if they’ll write about this accomplishment.”

While this claim may appear to suggest that there are a larger number of people in Breitbart’s audience, the article does not mention how many unique readers Breitbart draws. In other words, fewer people could be visiting Breitbart’s website, but those readers are viewing more content.

The claim follows a report from the Washington Post, published in June of this year, that Breitbart’s viewership had plummeted 53% since the presidential election, dropping from nearly 23 million readers to less than 11 million.

The Washington Post reported that, since Breitbart experienced a decline in readers last year, the news outlet seems to have restrained some of its more outrageous behavior.

In November of 2016, an anonymous online group called Sleeping Giants began pressuring many of Breitbart’s advertisers to cut ties with the website by organizing boycotts, an effort that has proven effective and continues to this day.

Steve Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist for President Trump, serves as the executive chairman of Breitbart News.


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