Promotional art for Canela Kids, depicting several animated characters against a white background.
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Canela Media launches bedtime story app for Latino parents

Through a new partnership with Storybook, Canela Media will provide Spanish content for children and parents to enjoy before going to bed.


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On Aug. 4, 2023, Canela Media announced a new partnership with Storybook, an app that provides both storytales and tools for parents to help their children get to bed, through touch, meditation, and positive affirmations.

As a woman-led tech company, Canela Media seeks to redefine digital media experiences for Latinos, and have also recently appointed a new Latino Chief Technology Officer.

This collaboration will begin during the back-to-school season, offering audiences of Canela Media's streaming service, Canela Kids, a series of educational and calming vignettes meant to enhance the bonds between children and parents, while improving their quality of sleep.

Created with the goal of providing Latino families with Spanish content for their children, Canela Kids seeks to be entertaining, while preserving language and culture between generations.

To do this, Canela Kids has commissioned 10 original stories exclusive to their platform, centering on topics such as kindness, the first day of school, bravery, and overcoming challenges. 

A selection of these vignettes is provided for free, in Spanish.

"We are excited to partner with Storybook to bring these unique and calming bedtime vignettes to our Latino community for free through our Canela Kids section on Canela.TV," said Maggie Salas-Amaro, Director of Canela Kids, in a statement. 

"By offering these Spanish-language stories that promote relaxation, empathy, and emotional learning, we aim to create an even more enriching experience for our audience and create treasured moments that families can cherish while engaging in educational activities reinforcing the bonds between parents and their children,” she continued.

The Storybook app possesses a collection of over 100 stories authored by Daniela Vega, done so in collaboration with pediatric psychologists and sleep experts. Additionally, the app itself is backed by Google and has been selected for the Apple Entrepreneur Program. 

“Our collaboration with Canela Kids marks a groundbreaking moment in children's content creation,” said Storybook co-founder Francisco Cornejo, in a statement. 

“For the first time, we're fusing scientific insights from sleep and behavioral experts with enchanting storytelling to produce content that doesn't merely entertain but actively fosters relaxation and emotional well-being,” he concluded.


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