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The number of homeowners is expanding. Photo: Pixabay.

Fulton Bank closes in on $1 billion generated in mortgage loans through aid program

The resources have benefited low- and moderate-income homebuyers.


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Thanks to an alliance between Operation HOPE, a leading nonprofit organization focused on financial education and economic inclusion, and Fulton Bank, a subsidiary of Fulton Financial Corporation, more families with limited resources have been able to access home loans since 2016.

John Hope Bryant, founder, chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE, stated:

We’re pleased to partner with organizations like Fulton Bank that understand the importance of home ownership in empowering our communities.

About the alliance 

For seven years, the two organizations have been working together to facilitate the purchase of homes.

Fulton Bank participates in the Closing Cost Assistance Program, which provides homebuyers with grants to help with the initial costs of buying a home, while sponsoring financial fitness coaches at Operation HOPE headquarters in six cities, who provide free education to consumers, focusing on improving their credit and preparing them for the financial aspects of homeownership.

Through the program, Fulton Bank has disbursed more than $968 million in loans to more than 5,700 homebuyers, a number that is close to reaching $1 billion in loans by 2023.

“Fulton Bank’s purpose is to change lives for the better, and one of the best ways we can do that is by helping people achieve the dream of homeownership. We are grateful for our collaboration with Operation HOPE, which enables us to provide valuable financial education along with financing. Both elements are critical to set homebuyers on a path to success,” said William 'Smokey' Glover, executive vice president and director of Fair and Responsible Banking for Fulton Bank. 

The bank has donated more than $8 million in grants to make home buying more affordable for low- and moderate-income buyers.

National recognition 

Operation HOPE recognized Fulton Bank for its continued collaboration at the 9th annual HOPE Global Forums in Atlanta in December, which included nearly 5,000 delegates and garnered more than 1 million online views.

“We honored Fulton Bank for their commitment to increasing social mobility at our recent HOPE Global Forum, the largest gathering of its kind, dedicated to expanding financial inclusion for everyone,” added Bryant.


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